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H&Fourwing: Your leading dresses manufacturer

  • H&Fourwing is a middle to high end ladies dresses manufacturer
  • We have 15 years ladies dresses manufacturing experience
  • Both ODM or OEM are available for us to cooperate with your brands, or private labels.
  • We have professional mature supply chain from fabric materials to accessories
  • Each month have around 100 new development design styles
  • Professional design team to work close with your team
  • Never leaving things to tomorrow service
  • We are well understand the business secret “no quality, no order”.

Your Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

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H&Fourwing Means
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All in a win-win situation

Women Dresses: The Definitive importing Guide

Sometimes when we talk about brand buyer and manufacturer supplier, we go to a wrong way that both are competitive parts. Hence a smart women clothing brand buyer knows how to select the correct women clothing manufacturer supplier, in other hands a smart women clothing manufacturer supplier knows how to deal with buyer.
Frankly speaking, win-win business is the best for both sides. To be a women clothing brand buyer you want to sale your products to local marketing, no matter you are a brand buyer, or the importer. Goods selling well, than you win.

And for women clothing manufacturer supplier, the same no matter you are the end women clothing factory or trading company. you want to sell your products to buyer, and wish the buyer’s marketing can sell very well your products, and get another repeat order from buyer soon soon. So WIN-WIN is both goal.

But how to get win-win for your ladies dress business ?
Below tips is quit important

Chapter 1: Safety

1.1 Delivery date safety

For example, if you find a ladies dress manufacturer who can offer you very low price which is 20% lower the marketing price. To consider the profit, all buyer want to place this order to this supplier. But this supplier is not safe, the goods always delay 30 to 60 days. and you will lose your selling time in store. 30 to 60 days later. Maybe the selling season already finished when you get the goods. That is not safe for buyer to place order. You prefer go for another supplier who offer higher price at the begging. But everything is running smoothly as your schedule.

1.2 Payment term safety

If a ladies dress manufacturer receive an order from a brand who offers very good price and quantity. But the payment term is DP 200 days after shipment. and it’s first time to do business with each other. I think most of the manufacturer won’t take this order. because the payment term is not safe for factory. It doesn’t mean factory don’t have money to do it, because they are worry after shipment, they can not get the payment from buyer. Which is safe problem. In another hands,the same for buyer, if a dress manufacturer ask for 100%payment in advance when place the bulk order. buyer will worry whetherthe manufacturer won’t ship the good after they receiving the payment.

1.3 Quality safety

When we talk about price and quality, for sure good price will get good quality. believe each ladies dress buyer or manufacturer can well understand which level your brand and manufacturer belongs to. If your brands, or private label or even you are a wholesale is middle to low level. Than you have to look for a ladies manufacturer who can match well with your brand quality. For buyer side will always want to use lowest price to buy highest quality, but it’s hard, if you use $200, you only can buy a fake Dior bag. And for Manufacturer side will always want to sell a bit more than you quality worth to be. If buyer paid $20/pc for one lady dress, but manufacturer offer $12/pc dress which is not match. When we have meeting with some designers, they always told, pls offer me the cheaper fabric quality but looks expensive for style. YES, we have some fabric quality price is not expensive, but the final style look really nice. If you are looking for a nice middle to high end ladies dress manufacturer from China. H&Fourwing will be your first choice here.

Chapter 2: Beneifit

Everybody want to use less money to buy better quality in this world. Buyer want to get a good price to win high profit. but how to find a reliable ladies manufacturer in reason price and reliable payment and quality? Good question!

In China we say No benefit business is not health business. buyer need reasonable price to buy better goods. And manufacturer need offer good quality goods to get reasonable price. If you find a ladies dress manufacturer who can offer you good quality, daily communication can make you happy and sleep well everyday. and you get the final profit that you expected. Congradulations!

2.1 Quick reaction ability

If you are a brand, private label or design stylist or wholesale in women clothing business. you must have some experience to solve some problem during the producing for your bulk orders. like delivery date issue, some color or fitting issue. We can not say we promise there won’t any problem for our product, because we never know what is going to happen tomorrow. But we will always find the right

way to solve our problems at first time. And sometime buyer would like to move the shipment earlier and some later. To be honest, it’s not easy for manufacturer to adjust the capacity time to time. but customer is NO. we will do our best to discuss with different department to meet customers requested. It’s very important for both side to understand each other situation.

All above during the beginning communication buyer and manufacturer sides are considering the safety problem through price and payment term. Which can see right away when discuss the order. but real service can effect the price in the end. So happiness is most important for your future business.