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Cozy Girl T-Shirt Dress
Cozy Girl T-Shirt Dress

We blend our cozy girl t-shirt dress with soft washed cotton. It is designed with side slits, short sleeves, and side-seam pockets for comfortable movement.

Acid Wash Cotton Dress
Acid Wash Cotton Dress

Our acid washes cotton dress will add cozy and coolness to the wearer. It is designed with a deep side slit and a slim fit. Ready-to-wear dress with unbeatable quality.

Tiered Midi Dress
Colorful Tiered Midi Dress

H&Fourwing offers a tiered midi dress for a romantic vibe event. Its dress length is 49 1/2″. Styled with a split neck with ties, elastic waist, and cap sleeves. One of the budget-friendly dresses you will find.

Plus Size Sweetheart Neck Fit & Flare Dress
Sweetheart Neck Fit & Flare Dress

We finished our sweetheart neck fit & flare dress with a full skirt and elbow-length sleeves. It is a plus-size dress, forming curvy to the body of wearers.

V-Back Cover-Up Maxi Dress
V-Back Cover-Up Maxi Dress

This popular v-back cover-up maxi dress features on-seam pockets, v-neck adjustable straps, etc. Available in different colors and sizes from small-XXL.

Long Sleeve Sweater Dress
Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

At H&Fourwing, you can get a long-sleeve sweater dress for girls at the best factory price. If you require this kind of dress for business, you can start ordering 50 pieces.

Kids' Tie Dye Hooded Cover-Up Dress
Kids' Tie Dye Hooded Cover-Up Dress

Made from 100% soft cotton to give extra comfort for kids while wearing them. A tie-dye dress with a kangaroo pocket as a design. It also comes in all kid sizes.

Kids' Flutter Sleeve Dress
Kids' Flutter Sleeve Dress

We styled our flutter sleeve dress with a twirl-worthy skirt and a smocked back. The dress was lined except for the sleeves. Send us your own ideas for this dress for customization.

Kids' Polka Dot Tier Dress
Kids' Polka Dot Tier Dress

The latest kid`s polka dot tier dress is available at H&Fourwing! It is available in various sizes from small to plus size. Start placing orders with 50 pcs minimum.

Premier Custom Girls Dress Manufacturer

H&Fourwing has been designing and supplying high-end girls’ dresses to more than 100 countries all over the world. For many years, our company has accumulated wide knowledge to produce a girls dress equipped with the updated trend. Since established, we are dedicated to delivering girls’ dresses in the international and domestic markets.

Your Premier Girls Dress Supplier in China

If what you`re looking for is a budget-friendly but never-compromised quality of girls’ dress, the search is over! H&Fourwing has the solution for that. H&Fourwing carries a complete selection of dresses for girls, available for kids and adults. Our girls dress ranging from casual to formal clothing perfect for any event use.

Never worry about spending a lot of money just on a stylish and classy-looking dress for girls. At H&Fourwing, you can check out our up-to-date and classy girls’ dresses in small-large sizes.

Most of our girl’s dresses are made out of combined polyester, soft net, and crochet lace material. These dresses are certain to give the wearer an elegant look without spending too much of your money. To make sure the dress gets well-fitted for the one who will wear them, exact size details are also considered. H&Fourwing has expert designers that make sure the exact details are being followed.

You can pick from the hundreds of available dress designs for girls here at H&Fourwing. You can pick a formal one, a basic dress, a party dress, or a bodycon dress. Depending on the event theme, we have different designs of dresses you are looking for.

With your customers` favorite color, H&Fourwing can provide girls’ dress that is designed using outstanding fabrics. Whether dressing a little girl or an adult for birthday parties, proms, and more, you can get your ideal design of dress here! At H&Fourwing, there are huge varieties of girl dresses categorized into many sections, including fabric, color, occasion, layered, dress length, neck design, fluffy, and sleeve length as well.

Our various collection of girls’ dress has the power to enhance the wearer`s confidence, making them attractive and beautiful. So without hesitation, allow H&Fourwing to be your one-stop source of trendy, elegant, and latest girls’ dresses! We value each and every customer we have, and for that reason, we become known as reliable fashion expert designers worldwide. A lot of customers gave us feedback, and now we become one of the highly respected manufacturers in China.

H&Fourwing used all our latest and advanced tools in order to produce amazing girls’ dresses. We have the capabilities to create a high-quality and fashionable girls’ dress. If you`re planning to order, our smallest MOQ starts with 50 pcs. We can help you grow your business!

Furthermore, our girl’s dress can be custom-made with your logo to showcase your brand in the market. We are your perfect choice of various girls dressed in this field.

We make the super-fast shipments to your girl’s dress orders. Send us your inquiries and expect a fast response from our team.

Girls Dress Manufacturer

What is a Girls Dress?

A girl’s dress is also known as a girl’s clothing, a formal outfit of women.

Moreover, the girl’s dress is normally worn by women in various activities.

It is designed with different styles, colors, body shapes, and outlooks.

What is a Girls Dresses Made From?

The girl’s dress can be made and tailored from different materials.

These are the popular materials and fabrics used for creating a girl’s dress:

  1. Lawn Cotton – A low cotton is a friendly and lightweight fabric. This is very safe for sensitive skins, making it ideal for any girl’s dress.
  2. Voile – This material features a thinner surface and see-through.
  3. Broadcloth – A broadcloth has smooth, perfect for girls’ drees. It has a fine quality and great texture.
  4. Satin – Satin fabric is a popular fabric normally used for tailoring a girl’s dress. This material is very soft, breathable, and comfortable to use.
  5. Denim – This fabric is much durable that can last for a long time. It is not easy to damage and to fade.

What are the Perfect Shoes Fit for Girls Dresses?

The girl’s dress is versatile clothing that is perfect for different shoes.

The girl’s dress is great for flat shoes and shoes with high heels.

Moreover, some girls’ dresses are perfect for slip-on shoes, sneakers, and moccasins shoes.

It depends on the style and design of dresses.

How to Wash the Girls Dresses?

The girl’s dresses can be washed with handmade and machines.

However, it depends on the materials and fabric of girls’ dresses.

These are the simple tips on how to wash a girls dress:

1st Step: Wet it with water first.

2nd Step: Soap it with a suitable soap for machine and handmade procedures.

3rd Step: Rinse the dress well.

4th Step: Dry with a dryer; if no dryer machine hangs them and dries themselves.

What are the Benefits of the Girls Dresses?

The girl’s dresses have advantages and benefits, such as:

  1. The girl’s dress makes your personality more attractive and professional.
  2. It is a formal outfit that is suitable for various activities.
  3. Girl’s dress comes in various sizes and styles.
  4. They are easy to wear and take off.
  5. Very easy to wash and dry.
  6. A girl’s dress can enhance a women’s physical appearance.
  7. It also gives the best protection for a girl’s body.
  8. Girl’s dress features a non-skin allergy that is safe for any skin type.
  9. They offer a bright color.

Girls Dress for Kids

Are Girls Dresses Durable?

The girl’s dress’s durability will base on the particular fabrics.

If they wash properly and take care extremely, the girl’s dresses can be used in more than 7 years.

It also depends on how often they are used.

What Can Damage Girl’s Dresses?

There are different reasons why the girl’s dress will damage.

Improper washing can ruin a girl’s dress. Additionally, improper washing can fade its color.

When the girl’s dress is excessive, soaking in the sun can also cause deterioration.

Mostly, clothes are damaged because they are stuck to sharp objects that tear the girl’s dress fabric.

How to Take Care of the Girl’s Dress?

Taking care of the girl’s dress will provide a cost-effective solution.

It also extends the clothing’s life and maintains its best quality.

These are useful suggestions on how to take care of a girl’s dress:

  • Wash the girl’s dress in the right way.
  • When washing the girl’s dress, separate it from the contagious colors of other clothing.
  • If not needed, do not use chemicals such as bleach in your laundry
  • Avoid soaking them in the intense heat of the sun.

What are Different Types of the Girl’s Dress?

There are different ranges of girl’s dress; these include the following:

  1. Floral Girl’s Dress – A floral girl’s dress has excellent design and contains floras fabric design. It looks more attractive and impressive.
  2. Long Sleeve Girl’s Dress – The long sleeve girl’s dress provides better arm and body protection. This dress is great for any special occasion.
  3. Girl’s Ball Dress – The girl’s ball dress is applicable for any evening event. This dress can be made from any type of material and fabric.
  4. Sleeveless Girl’s Dress – A sleeveless girl’s dress makes you sexier and more beautiful. It enhances the girl’s appearance. Moreover, this type of dress is very comfortable.
  5. Cocktail Girl’s Dress – A cocktail girl’s dress is great for birthday parties and other events. This dress has a nice and quality design. It gives a desirable effect for every woman.

Are Girls Dresses Expensive?

The girl’s dress cost will be based on the type of fabric.

There are affordable girls’ dresses and expensive girls’ dresses.

However, it still depends on the girls’ dresses’ styles and designs.

The approximate price of the girl’s dresses is between $200 and $600.

How to Choose a Perfect Girls Dresses?

In choosing the girl’s dresses, you need to consider some important selection criteria and factors.

The important thing to consider is your body measurement.

You must choose the dress based on the right body measurement to get the best fitting.

Moreover, color is also an important factor to consider.

Choose girls’ dresses with the most beautiful colors. It should be best if you base it on the event’s theme.

It should be best to think about the particular applications or what type of occasion you wear the dress.

Select the girl’s dress according to your specific taste and also consider the fabric’s quality.

Girls Dress

What are the Typical Applications of the Girls Dresses?

The girls’ dresses are applicable in different applications.

These includes:

  1. Evening parties
  2. Birthday parties
  3. Wedding events
  4. School and office events
  5. Outdoor events and any gathering
  6. Daily use
  7. Office day

What is An Exact Age Can a Woman Wear a Girl’s Dresses?

Since girls’ dress comes in various sizes, all women or girls can wear them.

It can be worn by kids, young and old, as long as you are a girl.

What are the Sizes of the Girls Dresses?

The girl’s dresses are available in different sizes and body measurements.

It has small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

Moreover, the girls’ dresses can be customized in particular and specific measurements.

No matter your body size, you can wear a girl’s dress.

Girls Dress Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for best girls dress manufacturers in China or design ideas, then you should read this guide.

This guide will help you choose high quality and girl’s dresses at affordable prices.

Let’s dive right in.

What Factors Determine The Best Girls Dress Manufacturers To Choose?

A Girl Wearing A Pink Prom Dress

A  Girl Wearing A Pink Prom Dress

When purchasing girl’s dresses, it is always fundamental to look into various aspects to establish the most suitable manufacturer.

These elements are quite broad, but the main ones you should always check out for include the following;

  • Accreditation

Suitable girls dress manufacturers have relevant certifications from various institutions overseeing the operation of this trade.

The essence of seeking an accredited entity is it demonstrates reliability.

Besides, it also shows the manufacturer conforms to different regulatory requirements for making these dresses.

  • Quality of dresses

When seeking ideal girls dress manufacturers, it is vital to evaluate the quality of these specific products.

Essentially, these garments are always available in different quality grades based on design construction and fabric quality used.

Some manufacturers have a formidable reputation as far as producing quality girls’ dresses is concerned.

Hence, it is vital to figure out the quality of these products your preferred manufacturer can produce.

  • Production consistency

A girls’ dress manufacturer with ability to produce and maintain quality products consistently is a worthy choice.

It makes it easy to determine your plans as far as ordering these garments from the manufacturer is concerned.

Essentially, consistency yields reliability, which is an important aspect of business planning and dealing.

  • Flexibility

Ideally, many girls dress manufacturers always have strict measures in place about processing and fulfilling orders.

But it is also important to select a manufacturer that can offer flexibility when necessary.

For example, flexibility in elements such as turnaround time, cost, MOQ, and shipping are fundamental to consider.

  • Capability

Always ensure the specific girls dress manufacturer you are working with has enough capacity to produce the quality and quantity of your order.

This is vital because it saves your time, resources, and unnecessary inconveniences.

  • Experience

Ordinarily, experienced girls dress manufacturers have a way of handling different situations seamlessly.

Besides, it makes it easy to correct various mistakes likely to arise along the way.

And most importantly, chances of getting high-quality girls’ dresses while working with an experienced entity is always high .

What Types Of Girls’ Dresses Can You Get From Manufacturers?

Girls’ dresses are abundant in the market, and this is vital since it broadens your choice options.

Moreover, it makes it easy to determine and find the specific type of girls’ dress you are looking for.

The popular designs among different girls dress manufacturers include the following;

School dresses – These are mainly worn during various school functions. They are relatively modest, less frilly and in most instances fall below the knee.

Also, school dresses are usually designed to match the specific them and function but are not necessarily colorful.

A Girl's School Uniform

A Girl’s School Dress

Wedding day dresses – They are known to be stylish and usually incorporate latest trends. When choosing these dresses for girls, it is vital to ensure you find a comfortable fit.

Also, the ideal choice for wedding day girls dress is dependent on specific role of the wearer. Most designs follow a wedding theme thus often have a color choice restriction.

Formal dresses – The designs of formal girls dresses often vary based on various factors such as religion and tradition among others.

However, you can find these dresses in a large variety, befitting different formal occasions such as graduation, baptism, christening, etc.

 Formal Dress

 A Formal Dress

Smocked dresses – Ideally, these dresses feature embroidery designs, which are quite popular and relatively costly.

You can use them for parties, casual and formal events making it an ideal choice, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

Nightwear dresses – The design of these dresses makes them comfortable as possible. However, they may integrate different themes depending on your preference.

Birthday party dress – It is advisable always to choose a girls’ birthday party dress, which matches the party’s them. Some examples include cartoon and fairy tale characters among others.

Festival dresses – These are girls’ dresses designed for a specific festival occasion such as Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Mostly, these dresses feature easy-to-spot colors based on the specific outdoor festival.

A Dress Best Suited For festivities

A Dress Best Suited For Festivities

What Printing Technologies Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Use?

Often, most manufacturers of girls’ dresses use different printing techniques depending on type of fabric and quality required.

The most common ones, nonetheless, include the following;

This refers to a computerized garment printing technique involving heat to transfer ink from a printer to the fabric.

Sublimation Print Sleeveless Girl Dress

Sublimation Print Girl Dress

In this technique, printing ink is in a gaseous state resulting in washable and smooth graphics wholly embedded into the fabric.

Normally, sublimation printing produces high-quality graphic resolution, and you can use it to print multiple colors concurrently.

This fabric printing method uses mesh to transfer ink into the garment.

Ideally, it often involves a suitable choice for printing multiple colors on a garment simultaneously.

It is a digital printing method that uses heat-sensitive media, which is chemically treated.

Typically, this printing technique blackens the garment as it passes under thermal print-head.

It is a suitable method to consider when in need of printing durable details on the surface of the dresses.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Girls Dress Manufacturers?

Price is usually a sensitive concern when purchasing girls’ dresses, especially from the manufacturers.

Of course, different manufacturers price these garments differently based on a host of variables.

However, you can always use several methods to find the best deals when buying these products from the manufacturers, such as the following;

  • Buying in bulk

Normally, buying these dresses in bulk from the manufacturers makes it easy to get relatively high discounts.

Many girls dress manufacturers provide better discounts upon purchasing the dresses in bulk than buying a few pieces.

Thus, you end up saving a significant amount of money on bulk purchase

  • Buying during off-peak season

Usually, girls’ dresses are quite expensive when you buy them during respective peak seasons.

But purchasing them when the season for that particular occasion is off-peak, you tend to get better deals.

  • Buying through sourcing agents

An imperative element you need to understand is that most sourcing agents are an ideal avenue of purchasing girls’ dresses at better rates.

Ordinarily, these agents often understand various marketplace dynamics and trends.

Also, they work with several girls dress manufacturers and suppliers, making it easy to know where to get better deals.

  • Intensive window shopping

Ordinarily, you will come across several girls dress manufacturers whether you are shopping physically or virtually.

However, the suitable way of getting better deals is ensuring you window shop in different manufacturers.

It allows you to explore many opportunities thus easy to compare rates of various manufacturers before settling on the most suitable one.

Buying In Bulk And During Off Season Will Help You Get Best Prices

Buying In Bulk And During Off Season Will Help You Get Best Prices

How Long Will Girls Dress Manufacturers Take To Process My Orders?

Ideally, the actual production turnaround for these garments usually varies among girls dress manufacturers.

The common determinant factors that determine the actual production duration include the following;

  • Quantity of the order

Often, different customers order varied girls’ dresses in varied volumes depending on what suits their respective demands.

Thus, the specific order volume determines whether its processing will be faster or slower.

Essentially, the more the order quantity, the longer it is likely to take and vice versa.

  • Actual girls’ dress design

Some girls’ dresses design is usually more complex to make than others.

Usually, simple designs are faster to produce because they do not involve numerous design aspects.

On the other hand, complex or custom designs tend to be relatively involving to design thus may take longer.

  • Manufacturer’s policy

Different girls dress manufacturers have various policies regarding the turnaround time.

Some are generally strict and often adhere to stringent measures irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the order.

But some tend to be flexible depending on the actual conditions revolving around the specific order.

Hence, it is vital to inquire from the particular manufacturer to establish their actual order turnaround time.

  • Pending orders

Most manufacturers serve various customers who usually place their orders at different times.

Hence, the processing practice in many instances is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Therefore, the lead time is mainly based on the actual volume of pending orders.

In a nutshell, there is no definite processing period when you order from girls dress manufacturers.

It is dependent on a host of elements, including the few ones mentioned above.

What Types Of Fabric Are Best For Making Girls Dresses?

Ordinarily, girls’ dresses are manufactured using different fabrics based on the purpose and individual’s preference.

Thus, in many instances, it can be challenging to determine the best material for making the dress.

Nonetheless, here are the common fabrics used in making dresses;

  • Cotton

This fabric is natural and derived from fibers of cotton plants.

It is generally soft, washable, breathable, and more sustainable.

The main shortcoming of using cotton for girls’ dresses is that it is relatively costly and prone to shrinking.

However, it is suitable for making a large variety of girls’ dresses.

A Cotton Girl Dress

A Cotton Girl Dress

  • Linen

It is among the oldest fabrics known to humankind and is often made from natural fibers.

The core advantage of this material is that it is stronger than cotton and relatively lightweight.

Besides, linen is soft, durable cool, absorbent, and machine-washable.

But it requires frequent ironing because it creases faster.

  • Silk

This material is regarded as the most luxurious natural fabric in the world.

It is unquestionably elegant, soft, with a shimmering appearance and smooth touch.

Moreover, silk is durable, hypoallergenic, and arguably the strongest natural fabric.

The main disadvantage of this component is that it is somewhat delicate to handle and difficult to clean.

Also, it tends to pucker or tighten when washed, thus ideal to dry clean or hand wash it.

 A Silk Dress

A Silk Dress

  • Velvet

This fabric is soft, heavy, luxurious, and shiny and features a smooth pile effect on one side.

Its rich, opulent finishing and relatively complex production process make it to be associated with royalty.

However, any slight damage to this material often renders its texture.

Also, it has high dust absorbent and can be tricky to clean compared to other fabrics.

Nevertheless, velvet is ideal for making dinner dresses, wedding dresses, and many different functions.

  • Denim

This is a woven cotton twill material derived from entwined and white cotton wrap yarn and stuffing yarn, respectively.

It has a vivid texture, durability, strength, and comfort.

Mostly, it is dyed using indigo to create girls dresses for casual occasions.

The disadvantage of denim is that it is difficult to decorate and often stretches out over time.

A Strapless Denim Dress

A  Strapless Denim Dress

  • Chiffon

It is a sheer, plain-woven, lightweight material derived from twisting yarns to give it a slightly rough feel.

You can easily dye chiffon, making it ideal for making wedding dresses and prom dresses since it is lightweight and flowing.

But it stains easily thus needs special handling if you want to maintain its silky, supple quality.

  • Satin

This fabric is luxurious, slippery, glossy, and elegant on one side and matte on the other side.

It is also lightweight, strong, and has a smooth surface suitable for making wedding dresses.

The main shortcoming of satin is that it can be difficult to sew since it is slippery and shiny.

Can You Get Factory Samples From Girls Dress Manufacturers?

Quite possible.

If you need sample products, you can make your order for the same directly from the company.

Most girls dress manufacturers often provide free samples to prospective customers upon request.

However, you need to cater for shipping and return costs where applicable.

This is a vital aspect to have in mind, and many manufacturers usually refund costs once you make your actual order.

In essence, you need to contact the manufacturer and agree on a specific basis for getting the sample products for your evaluation.

Can Individual Clients Order From Girls Dress Manufacturers?

Absolutely yes.

Of course, typical girls dress manufacturers often produce these products in bulk.

But the business of such manufacturers is to sell the merchandize, whether to companies, retailers, or individuals.

As such, the manufacturers rarely restrict sale of their products to specific businesses.

The most important element most girls dress manufacturers look into is whether you can meet the stipulated MoQ.

Hence, if you are an individual seller, you can simply place your order and buy the specific girls’ dresses from your ideal manufacturer.

What Ways Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Guarantee Quality Products?

Most of these companies are regulated by different agencies, ensuring they comply with all the minimum requirements regarding quality.

Ordinarily, these government agencies formulate and implement various quality assurance policies that the manufacturers adhere to strictly.

For instance, there is a minimum quality standard, which a piece of fabric for making these dresses must meet.

Another way the companies guarantee quality is by sourcing all the raw materials for making the dresses from authorized dealers.

In essence, this controls production of quality girls’ dresses.

Most girls dress manufacturers also invest significantly in research and development regarding various aspects of producing these products.

This promotes quality assurance by developing and enhancing innovative techniques in the overall production process.

Workforce in many girls dress manufacturers is also well-trained to produce quality garments.

It enhances production of quality girls’ dresses since there is specialization based on skill-sets.

In a nutshell, these companies guarantee production of quality girls’ dresses by enforcing several interventions.

Is There Return Policy Among Girls Dress Manufacturers?


Any reputable manufacturer of girls’ dresses offers a favorable return policy.

Of course, this is imperative, especially if you receive faulty, mistaken, or erroneously packed order.

Often, girls dress manufacturers accept such returns as long as the entire process adheres to the stipulated terms and conditions.

Hence, always understand the terms and conditions surrounding the return policy of a manufacturer you are ordering from.

Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Have MoQ?


However, the actual MOQ varies among different girls dress manufacturers.

In most instances, custom girls’ dresses usually have MOQ, whereas standard designs tend to have flexible MOQ.

Some manufacturers have a specific MOQ for certain types of girls’ dresses, whereas others have a relatively flexible one.

Essentially, it is advisable to inquire and agree with the manufacturer regarding the MOQ before purchasing.

What Are The Ideal Colors For Girls’ Dresses?

You can get girls’ dresses in as many colors as possible.

Ideally, fabrics for making these dresses are available in multiple colors.

And this is imperative since it implies you can get the exact color that meets your preference for your girls’ dresses.

 Different Fabrics Offer Various Colours For You To Choose From

Different Fabrics Offer Various Colours For You To Choose From

Why Is It Beneficial To Consider Chinese Girls Dress Manufacturers?

Ordinarily, China is the biggest marketplace for purchasing different types of dresses.

Buying these garments from various girls dress manufacturers in China is advantageous in many ways, such as the following;

Affordability – In China, the manufacturers are likely to give you better discounts, especially when purchasing these dresses in bulk.

Quick lead times – Chinese girls dress manufacturers have adequate capacity guaranteeing faster manufacturing turnaround irrespective of design and volume.

Guaranteed quality – You are certain to get high-quality girls’ dresses when you purchase from Chinese manufacturers.

Flexible MOQs – Most Chinese girls dress manufacturers offer flexible MOQ, which allows you to purchase dresses that meet your demands irrespective of your financial muscle.

Convenient shipping – These Chinese manufacturers have contacts with reliable shipping agents and companies. Thus, they allow you to get a convenient shipping option for your consignment.

What Are The Main Payment Methods Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Accept?

Various girls dress manufacturers prefer different payment methods upon ordering the garments.

However, the largely acceptable payment options among these manufacturers include the following;

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Online money transfer (PayPal, Alipay, etc.)
  • Credit/debit card
  • Letter of Credit (LoC)

Which Sleeve Options Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Sleeves are vital parts of a dress, and they often come in different lengths.

Some sleeve designs are tight, whereas others seem to be a bit loose depending on your preference.

Nonetheless, here are the common sleeve options you are likely to find in most girls’ dresses;

Butterfly sleeves – They flare out from the shoulder but do not necessarily cover the arm fully.

Cape sleeves – These designs are full and flowing, tend to resemble capes.

Slit sleeves – Ideally, slit sleeves have a slit down the center designed to expose part of the arm and, in some instances, known as cold shoulder sleeves.

Bell sleeves – In other instances, they are known as peasant sleeves, usually fitted around shoulder and upper arm. These sleeves flare out towards the wrist like a bell.

Set-in sleeve – It is attached to the dress’ armhole and sewn all around.

Flutter sleeve – More or less similar to butterfly sleeve only that the former is relatively short and wide hence falls loosely.

Puffed sleeve – It gathers at the shoulder and at the seam but is entirely puffy in the middle.

A Dress With Cape Sleeves

 A Dress With Cape Sleeves

Can You Recommend Collar Designs For Girls Dresses?


It depends on the specific function of the particular dress.

Ordinarily, many designers usually incorporate collars in different girls’ dresses.

If the style, weather, and function allow, it can be ideal for incorporating collar designs in these dresses.

Is There Recommended Length For Girls Dresses?

The ideal length for girls’ dresses is dependent on the height of the specific user.

Normally, the height varies from knee-level and slightly above or below the knee.

Thus, the length is based on the specific girl’s height and often depends on the style and occasion.

Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Offer OEM Services?


You can find OEM services from different girls dress manufacturers.

In such instances, your role is to provide the actual desired designs to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer has a team, which evaluates and determines whether the OEM design meets the required standards.

Alternatively, you can seek the services of in-house manufacturer designers to enable you to find high-quality designs.

Once you agree on a particular design, the manufacturer goes ahead to produce them precisely to meet your OEM requirements.

How Do Girls Dress Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

They support small businesses in numerous ways, such as the following;

  • Providing OEM services, which is critical in establishing and enhancing the identity and growth of small businesses.
  • Offering flexible MOQ to enable small businesses to purchase and resale different girls’ dresses even when operating on a tight budget.
  • Accepting several flexible payment plans such as Letter of Credit, credit/debit cards, and various online and bank transfers. This increases convenience and ease of transacting when purchasing the garments.
  • Offering auxiliary services such as branding, packaging, and shipping at cost-effective rates. It enables small businesses to save reasonable amounts and make more profit margins.

Will Girls Dress Manufacturers In China Help In Shipping Process?


Most girls dress manufacturers in China have contacts with many reliable shipping agents and companies.

Thus, it makes it easy to link up and organize for an efficient and effective shipping process on behalf of the client.

Moreover, they can advise and recommend the best shipping mode for your consignment based on the route and urgency.

In a nutshell, these manufacturers are quite helpful as far as shipping process of your consignment is concerned.

How Can You Determine Size Of Girls Dresses?

Typically, girls tend to grow faster, thus the need to ensure you buy them about 1-2 sizes bigger than what they require now.

When determining the right size for girls’ dresses, it is imperative to factor in the following elements;
Height – establish the height of the girl from top to bottom.
Use a measuring tape to find the height and note it down. While at it, ensure the child is not wearing any footwear.

Collar – Measure the base of the neck but leave some room for breathability.

Waist – Never loop the measurement of the waist tightly.

Hips – Find the hip measurements by looping the tape measure around the parts of the hip with more flesh.

Chest – When measuring the chest, ensure the child is wearing any bulky clothes since it could hinder accurate dimensions.

Inside leg – Measure her inside leg but keep the tape measure five centimeters above the ground.

Fig 12- Always Look For 1 or 2 Sizes Bigger When Selecting A Size

Always Look Out For 1 or 2 Sizes Bigger When Selecting A Size

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