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Off Shoulder Formal Dresses
Off Shoulder Formal Dresses in China

H&FourWing off-shoulder formal dress has an elegant and perfect design. This is the most trending type of formal dress today. It comes in a variety of colors like navy blue, maroon, and more.

Evening Formal Dresses
Evening Formal Dresses in China

The H&Fourwing evening formal dress is perfect to wear at different types of parties like birthdays, weddings, and so on. This formal dress of H&Fourwing is made of high-quality fabric and laces.

Short Sleeve Formal Dresses
Short Sleeve Formal Dresses

The H&Fourwing short sleeve dresses are ideal for casual daily wear, date night, and any special occasions. Short sleeve formal dress has the best appearance and not easy to deform and damages.

Boat Neck Plus Size Formal Dress
Boat Neck Plus Size Formal Dress in China

This kind of formal dress is absolutely comfortable to wear. This can be wear on a wide variety of occasions. H&Fourwing can custom this formal dress into different sizes, colors, and features.

Floral Lace Formal Dress
Floral Lace Formal Dress in China

The floral lace formal dress is one of the most famous dresses today. These are the most in-demand dress in every market, in boutiques, and anywhere because of their professional looks.

Formal Maxi Dress
Formal Maxi Dress in China

H&Fourwing formal maxi dress features wide sleeves, ruched detail front, and mermaid shape. Our formal maxi dress is a popular dress in the industry due to its sexy flattering with back zipper.

Office Formal Dress
Office Formal Dress in China

The H&Fourwing office formal dress is applicable for daily use. H&Fourwing office formal dress is made of soft fabrics which are very convenient to use and it will never affect your tasks and jobs.

Bodycon Formal Dress
Bodycon Formal Dress in China

H&Fourwing bodycon formal dresser features eco-Friendly, breathable, anti-shrink, and anti-pilling. This is easy to wash and dry. The color of the bodycon formal dress will never be fade easily.

Plus Size Formal Dress
Plus Size Formal Dress in China

H&Fourwing plus size formal dress has a great appearance and more eyecatching. This formal dress is well-manufactured and applicable for those who have a bog body shape and big personality.

Premier Custom Formal Dresses Manufacturer in China

H&FourWing is one of the leading formal dress manufacturers and factories in China. We are the best source when it comes to formal dresses and other kinds of women’s clothing. We have a wide selection of formal dresses that trending today. H&FourWing has a great capability to supply an attractive formal dress and we can support your bulk and wholesale orders. We are happy to accept any OEM and ODM services. Choose H&FourWing to custom your formal dresses desired.

Your Trusted Formal Dresses Supplier in China

H&FourWing is a trusted and reliable formal dress manufacturer in China. We can offer formal dresses with trending and new styles. We always choose types of fabric with the best quality to produce durable formal dresses with a long life span. You can always count on H&FourWing whether you need a great kind of formal dress for your business.

H&FourWing formal dress is very comfortable and convenient to use. The formal dresses are applicable for any daily use, office, reunions, parties, and any special occasion. This can be worn for those who have a normal body size and even for those who have a big body shape.

The formal dress from H7fourwing is available in different sizes, which assure you that you can get the right, measurements and sizes that fit your own body. All of our formal dress is features easy to wash and dry. This will never quick to deform since it made of high-class fabrics. Some of our formal dresses are made from lace fabrics and plain fabrics.

At H&FourWing, we have different types of formal dress that including the formal maxi dress, short sleeve formal dress, formal evening dress, plus size formal dress, office formal dress, bodycon formal dress, formal lace dress.

H&FourWing always follows the quality standards in manufacturing formal dress. We always strive to meet the client’s demand. H&FourWing can provide and supply a formal dress with professional looks and elegant designs.

H&FourWing is an experienced and well-known manufacturer of women’s clothing, especially the formal dress. We always do a solid job from making a design to packing the finished products. As a responsible manufacturer, we got the best reputation and good impact from our customers due to our outstanding products and excellent services.

We always do quality checking before distributing the products to make sure that our customers can receive a high-quality product. Our factory has a lot of different kinds of manufacturers and sewing machines to make our products faster and to support the client’s order ontime.

If you are seeking high-quality and desirable formal dresses at a cheap price, H&FourWing will be your ultimate solution. H&FourWing always supplies and latest styles and modern designs of formal dress which is perfect for our customer’s business.

H&FourWing is the famous supplier of formal dresses and we can provide you the most superior clothing and services. We can handle your lady’s clothing needs to complete your business requirements.

If you are interested in our formal dress, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Formal Dresses China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for formal dresses in China, you should read this guide.

It has all information you need about formal dresses from China.

Take a look:

What Are Formal Dresses?

Formal dresses refer to dresses that are worn to formal ceremonies such as balls, state dinners, weddings, and funerals among others.

formal dress

formal dress

Formal dresses are grouped into two categories.

Some are worn during the day while others are designed for evening events.

Why Should You Consider Formal Dresses From China?

China is a global leader when it comes to manufacturing and neither does this exclude formal dresses.

You can easily find any type of formal dress that you are looking for in China. As if that’s enough, you have an option to customize your dresses to suit your taste.

This is however not the only reason that should make you consider formal dresses from China.

Here are some more;

  • Quality – Quality is very critical when it comes to purchasing any product for any business.

You can find high-quality formal dresses from China.

Chinese manufacturers compete in the vast market by offering quality products at competitive prices.

Given that China is a huge manufacturing base, be sure to also come across low-quality formal dresses.

However, doing proper research and working with the proper associates will keep you from falling into this trap.

  • Uniqueness

In China, you will find hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and several of them producing formal dresses.

To compete in the market, Chinese manufacturers come up with unique designs for their clients.

This also allows you to have unique products for your business and compete constructively.

  • Affordability

The cost-effectiveness of formal dresses is the main reason why most importers prefer formal dresses from China.

Here, you can purchase a formal dress that could otherwise yield a profit that’s three or four times the buying price.

Not forgetting that you have an opportunity to bargain and raise your profits higher.

  • Variety – Think of any design you want;

China is the perfect place to source all kinds of formal dresses that you could think of.

From different sizes, styles, patterns, and colors, you cannot miss anything.

  • Business growth

Purchasing your formal dresses from China at the best prices increases profits which in turn facilitates business growth.

  • Trendy 

The best bit about formal dresses from China is that Chinese manufacturers always keep up with current trends.

This way, you are sure to find trendy formal dresses in the market that could otherwise set your business apart from other competitors.

Are Formal Dresses China Good Quality?

Yes. Formal dresses from China are of good quality.

However, it’s worth stressing the importance of conducting adequate research so that you understand how to pick the best quality.

formal dress

formal dress

This also helps you identify the best formal dresses manufacturers you could potentially work with.

Do Affordable Formal Dresses China Imply Low Quality?

No. Affordable formal dresses don’t imply low quality.

This is an assumption that has been there given that there are also low-quality items in the Chinese market.

Nevertheless, any experienced importer can confess that getting low-priced formal dresses means business and profits.

As long as you are working with the right people, you won’t need to question the affordable prices offered by the manufacturer.

This explains why you need to conduct proper research before beginning your sourcing procedure.

How Do You Check Quality Of Formal Dresses In China?

Quality is critical for the success of any business and therefore ensuring that you get the best quality plays a key role in this.

In China, there are hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers and with this expect to come across low-quality products.

To avoid this, here are some tips you should factor in when checking the quality of formal dresses in China.

  • To begin with, verify your manufacturer before the beginning of the manufacturing process.

Check if they have quality certificates as this confirms that they provide quality products.

  • You might also want to check the fabrics used to make your formal dresses.

The thickness of the fabric is enough to verify the quality.

This varies from one fabric to the other since we have different textures of fabrics in the market.

Generally, thick fabrics often imply high quality.

  • Quality formal dresses made from fiber should have a care instructions label since natural fibers are prone to faster loss of quality.
  • Check the stitches of your formal dress and ensure that they are neatly and well stitched.
  • Do the “scrunch test” on your fabrics. Grab a sample of your fabric on your hand and release it.

A low-quality fabric will have wrinkles disappearing fast and this implies low quality.

  • For formal dresses with buttons, check if the buttons are secured properly.

You’d also want to confirm that threads are not loosely sticking out as seen on low-quality formal dresses.

  • If the formal dress has a zipper, it should be well hidden not unless it’s meant for design purposes.

Can You Get Designer Formal Dresses from China?

Yes. You can get designer formal dresses from China.

As a matter of fact, you need to know that most of the famous global brands have their base in China.

You will get the best prices when purchasing your designer formal dresses from China as compared to other countries.

Can You Recommend Any Designs Of Formal Dresses China?

Formal dresses come in diverse designs and styles to suit everyone’s style. Some of the designs of formal dresses are not limited to;

  • Short printed formal dress
  • Knee-length formal wrap dress
  • High-neck dress
  • Short sleeve dress
  • V-neck formal dress

V neck formal dress

V neck formal dress

  • Half-sleeves formal dress
  • A-line formal dress
  • Sleeveless formal dress

Sleeveless formal dress

sleeveless formal dress

  • High low formal dress
  • Pleated formal dress
  • Long-sleeves long dress
  • Blazer dress
  • Formal wrap dress
  • One-shoulder formal dress
  • Off-shoulder dress

off shoulder formal dress

off shoulder formal dress

All these designs can be used to make a variety of formal dresses for different occasions including Chinese formal dresses such as qipao.

While deciding on the design to select, you should also make a wise selection of the type of fabrics to use.

If done well, these two will result in a well-designed formal dress.

Can You Custom Formal Dress China?

Yes. You can have your formal dresses from China customized to your preferences.

Chinese manufacturers are always willing to offer customization to their customers despite the size of your purchase.

custom forma dress

custom formal dress

How Do You Choose Formal Dresses From China?

Choosing formal dresses from China might sound overwhelming.

The truth of the matter is that once you have an idea of what you’re looking for you’re a few steps away from landing your preferred formal dress.

Some importers might also choose to hire a sourcing agent to get this done faster and easier.

When selecting formal dresses, you first want to consider the type of occasions available.

Afterward, you can choose a variety of dresses that suit different occasions as this will help you compete effectively.

Also, pay attention to the color options that you have and decide on those that would be preferred by most customers.

For example, black formal dresses would be ideal for funerals while vibrant colors would go well with parties.

Having different color options is a brilliant idea if so, you want to expand your customer base and grow your business.

This also allows different customers with different skin tones to get their preferred types of formal dress.

When choosing formal dresses from China, you’d also want to check the quality of the dresses.

You can either do this by hiring a quality inspection company or physically paying a visit to the factory and conducting an inspection.

Have a sample and check the fabrics’ quality, the buttons, zippers, and threading quality.

Quality formal dresses have hidden zippers. This can however be optional if the zipper is part of the dress design.

Additionally, select different sizes of formal dresses to suit body sizes and shapes.

Which Fabric Should You Use In Formal Dresses China?

There are several types of fabrics that you could use in your formal dresses ranging from light to the thickest fabrics.

Some of the ideal fabrics for formal dresses are not limited to;

  • Velvet -Not only is velvet strong and has a beautiful sheen but it’s also soft, strong, and durable.

Velvet has a shimmery surface and it’s smooth and touchable.

However, velvet not only wears out quickly and absorbs dust.

It’s also prone to texture damage when the fabric is damaged.

  • Organza -Organza is a light fabric that can be mixed with other fabrics to create a unique piece.

It is one of the best fabrics for formal evening dresses.

In as much as it can be damaged by perspiration, it’s a strong and washable fabric with fine texture.

  • Chiffon – Chiffon is a thin, flexible, and fine fabric with an attractive drape making it a perfect choice for the hot weather season.

It helps achieve a feminine look and brings out a special feel when worn.

Nevertheless, chiffon stains easily and it’s prone to tear owing to its thin nature.

  • Crepe – Crepe fabric has a lot of character drawn from its pebbled and crinkled texture.

Additionally, it’s lightweight, flexible, and has a matte face.

However, Crepe fabric can easily show prints and textures underneath the dress thus requiring a proper choice of undergarments.

It’s also not an ideal choice for summer formal dresses.

  • Georgette -It is created from silk fibers and has unique features such as; great strength, a bouncy flowing drape, a crinkly crepe-like texture, and rough and dry texture.

It has a good hold to embroidery and additional accessories such as sequins and beads.

However, it’s not advisable to machine wash formal dresses made from georgette.

Also, georgette fabric loses color when exposed to sunlight.

  • Satin -Satin is one of the most common fabrics when it comes to formal evening gowns and it’s easy to see why.

Satin has a superb shiny and glossy face and it’s highly lustrous. However, satin is not shiny on both sides and can be difficult to work with.

  • Brocade – Brocade is a heavy fabric made from synthetic fibers.

It features a luxurious shine with an embroidered surface weave which brings about an exquisite appearance and rich feel.

Brocade is expensive and hard to find in several areas across the world.

  • Lace – Lace is a light fabric featuring fine embroidery and versatility. However, it’s expensive and easily prone to damage.
  • Silk – Not only does it have a soft texture but also, it’s anti-wrinkle and has a luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

Nonetheless, silk can easily show effects of consistent wear and tear as compared to other fabrics.

Owing to its luxurious nature it’s costly.

Not forgetting that it’s prone to damage from elements such as sunlight and water.

A little spill of water can leave a huge mark on the fabric.

  • Linen – Linen is made from flax fiber making it a light fabric. However, it easily wrinkles and can be difficult to pack.
  • Tulle – Tulle is a fabric that can be made from nylon, silk, or polyester.

It has a close resemblance to organza but with different stiffness.

Not only is it airy and lightweight but also can be layered to provide volume without appearing bulky.

It’s however delicate, tears easily, and it is limited to be worn to certain venues.

Will Manufacturers Of Formal Dresses In China Help In Shipping Process?

formal dress with pockets

formal dress with pockets

Therefore, whether or not your formal dress will have pockets will depend on your choice.

Do Formal Dresses Manufacturers In China Help In Design Process?

Yes. Formal dress manufacturers in China can assist you in the designing process.

Working with an experienced manufacturer is, therefore, an important factor you should always consider if you want to seek design assistance.

How Do You Size Formal Dresses From China?

Different countries have different sizing standards.

When buying formal dresses from China, it’s important to analyze the size chart before making any purchase.

Chinese sizes are known to be smaller as compared to sizes used in the US, EU, and the UK.

Meaning a size “large” in China would be smaller as compared to size “large” in the US therefore sizing up is always a brilliant idea.

Also, it can be difficult to get very large sizes like XXXL in Chinese size.

Your manufacturers will have this to guide you in case you need assistance and can customize your formal dresses to suit your needs.

Are There Short Formal Dresses From China?

Yes. There are short formal dresses from China.

Typically, formal dresses are known to have a floor-length.

Short dresses can also be a good choice for certain occasions such as parties and most people embrace them.


Your formal dress manufacturer in China can help in the shipping process.

Since you will already have verified your manufacturer and trusted them;

it would be easier to work with them in shipping too.

Do Formal Dress From China Have Pockets?

Some formal dresses might be designed with pockets while others might lack. Remember you can also customize your formal dresses and include or exclude pockets.

short formal dress

 short formal dress

How Much Do Formal Dresses In China Cost?

The cost of formal dresses in China ranges from as low as $6 to as high as $150 per piece and more depending on factors such as the design and MOQ.

Not forgetting that you can always negotiate prices with your Chinese formal dress manufacturer.

Are There Flexible MOQ For Formal Dresses In China?

Yes. MOQ for formal dresses can be flexible under one condition.

That the manufacturer will not incur losses as a result of the MOQ negotiation.

By observing this, you have a higher probability of getting a flexible MOQ for formal dresses in China.

Chinese manufacturers are flexible as compared to others in different countries.

They always want to take in small buyers too.

Will Formal Dress Manufacturers In China Offer Free Samples?

Yes. Most if not all formal dress manufacturers in China are willing to send free samples to serious buyers.

It’s worth noting that some might charge you for the shipping cost.

Do Formal Dresses Suppliers In China Have a Product Return Policy?

Yes. While there are limits to it, product return policies are present with most formal dresses suppliers in China.

The limits vary from one supplier to the other.

It’s important to fully understand the return policies before making your order.

How Will Manufacturers Of Formal Dresses In China Protect My Designs?

Formal dress manufacturers in China will not protect your design unless you do it.

To protect your designs in China, you will need to register the IP rights in China.

If you had already registered in your country, the IP right won’t be valid in China not unless you register again in China.

There are three types of patents which include;

  • Design patents
  • Innovative patents
  • Utility model patents

The patents are often given out on a first-come-first-served basis.

Therefore, in circumstances where two people with the same product show up, the first one is given priority.

How Do You Print Formal Dresses In China?

Several printing methods are used when printing formal dresses in China not excluding;

printed formal dress

printed formal dress

  • Digital printing – Digital printing uses an inkjet printer to print directly onto a roll of fabric.

Not only is this method simple, cost-effective, and fast but also features unlimited colors.

Nevertheless, the print is not durable and prone to cracks.

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