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H & Fourwing is a new fashion dress supplier in China, and for each collection.

Our design team will follow the fashion show tend, tends from WGSN.

And we collect inspiration from abroad like Paris, New York, Tokyo to make our own fashion dresses collection.


Your Leading Ladies Fashion Dress Supplier in China

H & Fourwing is a women’s fashion clothing supplier, private label fashion manufacturer, and luxury fashion manufacturer to support your fashion dress business. To be a professional fashion garments manufacturer, we do a full inspection for our fashion dresses products in the line and offline.

  • Professional fashion dresses manufacturer in China
  • Focus on women clothing only special in fashion dresses
  • Producing high-end garments for middle to high-end brands
  • Full package service from style design, fabric sourcing, bulk producing, production shipping
  • Offer small quantity MOQ with a reasonable price point
  • Do best possible delivery date for production

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style & print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dress is our advantage.

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer
The Quality of Clothing is Our Top Priority

The Quality of Clothing is Our Top Priority

Quality is the most important thing in our quality.  Our mission is to do win-win business. To make sure the product can suit your requirements, H & Four Wing has its own sample room in the office to work closely with the designer and merchandise team, and during the fitting approval, H & Fouring Wing will use the correct marketing dummy to check the fitting. As a fancy fashion dress wholesale manufacturer, everything will be checked carefully on top of H & Fouring Wing’s clients.

Multi Material to Support Your Fashion Dress Bussiness

Fashion dresses can be using any kind of quality from Tencel, viscose, modal, cotton, linen, silk, polyester, etc. and fashion dresses can be used in any occasion, but well-fitting and pattern are the most important for your fashion dresses, as fashion supplier, we have 20 years experts pattern master, fabric cutting master, and workers in our factory to control our quality.

Multi Material to Support Your Fashion Dress Bussiness
Fashion Dress Supplier and Super Dress Factory

Fashion Dress Supplier and Super Dress Factory

As a fashion factory, we always follow the fashion trend closely each season, and our MOQ is 300pcs/style/color with reasonable price. Each season’s fashion dress is the biggest percentage in the collection, to find a good and match-high fashion clothing manufacturer is very important for all brands. If you are looking for a ladies fashion dress supplier and super dress factory. And would like your fashion dress made in China. We are here to support you with your fashion dress business.

Fashion Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before buying from fashion dress manufacturer, you should read this guide.

You will find all information that will enable you get the fashion dresses from China.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Fashion Dress?

Fashion dress

Fashion dress

A fashion dress is a trendy garment. Its style and construction conform to current fashion trends.

This type of dress makes women look fabulous and feel comfortable at the same time.

It is a staple for every fashionable woman looking for a trendy dress to wear when going out shopping or to a social event.

Why Should You Buy From Fashion Dress Manufacturer In China?

Buying from a Chinese fashion dress manufacturer offers the following advantages:

  • Timely production with the lowest prices and MOQs
  • Access to an in-house creative services team that comprises expert designers, pattern makers, tailors, and other skilled workforce. It ensures that all your fashion dress manufacturing needs are taken care of under one roof.
  • China manufacturers are constantly updated with the latest trends in fashion. It allows us to implement any ideas and fashion requirements on your designs fast and with no difficulty.
  • Buying directly from a manufacturer eliminates brokers and middlemen. It gives you complete control over the project while making low-cost fashion dress production possible.
  • Quality control is ensured when you manufacture your fashion dresses in China.
  • There is a variety of manufacturing options in China. You can choose FPP or CMT production models. OEM and ODM manufacturing is also available.
  • As a China fashion dress manufacturer, we can always label and pack your dresses as per your unique requirements.
Which Materials Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Use In Production Process?

We work with various fabrics to make fashion dresses: cotton, polyester, viscose, chiffon, linen, denim, silk, Cupro, etc.

We may be limited to in stock fabrics or what we can easily source in China for small orders or samples.

But for bulk orders, we can go the extra mile and source any fabric you want from our trusted fabric suppliers outside China.

We can also provide sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics for your fashion dress manufacturing. Options such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics are available.

Note that fabric choice usually depends on the client’s preferences. Although, certain elements are considered, such as the target market, functionality, style of the dress, fit, printability, etc.

What Is The Difference Between OEM And ODM Service By Fashion Dress Manufacturers?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing. It is a service that lets you contract a manufacturer to produce fashion dresses based on your unique designs and specifications.

At H&Fourwing, we will need you to design the product your way. You will then send us an image, sketch, or physical sample of the design to manufacture in small or large quantities.

The upside of OEM manufacturing is that it gives you a unique product that compares to none in the market.

Original design products have better profit margins. Besides, the manufacturing model gives you total creative control over the project, allowing you to design and make adjustments as you deem fit.

On the downside, OEM manufacturing can be costly, especially for small businesses and startups. It requires a significant investment for research and product development.

Additionally, you have to guard and protect your original designs in the case of OEM manufacturing.

Otherwise, your designs may get stolen or sold to competitors (although we don’t do this at H&Fourwing).

OEM Process

 OEM process

ODM manufacturing is also referred to as private labeling/white labeling.

It is where you select an already existing design from our catalog, tweak it a little, market and sell it under your brand name.

Changes to an ODM fashion dress design could be colors, printing and branding, trims, and other minor adjustments.

This type of manufacturing service spares you the hassle and expense of creating and developing a new product.  It saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business, such as marketing.

The main downside of ODM manufacturing is that your product is not unique.

It is a generic product since manufacturers can sell the same design to different companies and brand names. Hence, customers may find it hard to differentiate your product from competitors’ products.

Also, price competition for ODM fashion dress products tends to be steeper. It gives you little profit compared to OEM products.

ODM process

ODM process

Which Design Software Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Use?

Fashion design software can help you create the best fashion dress computer sketches to send to the manufacturer.

Hand drawings are equally good but not as effective when it comes to design interpretation for manufacturing.

It is why many big and established brands use design software. Besides, you can always use your CAD sketches in your design catalogs when you don’t have actual images of the dress.

Quality choices include adobe illustrator, Autodesk design software, digital fashion pro, winger ginger cameo, and C-design fashion.

These are easy to use for amateur and professional designers alike, and they are compatible with both MS Windows and Apple Mac.

Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Require Dress Design Templates?


If you don’t want to go through all the initial steps in garment designing, you can use a digital template.

They come in illustrations or outlines of the human form and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Design templates create fashion sketches that are just as realistic.

You can easily change, manipulate and fully customize an existing template to make it your own.

No matter what dress you’re creating, design templates make life easier and more efficient. You can create your designs quickly and effortlessly.

How Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Create Eye-catching Designs For Your Brands?

When designing fashion dresses or any ladies’ dress for that matter, you need to think through the entire process to execute your idea.

Not just sketch it!

First of all, you need to consider the color of the final product-how you want it to look like.

Remember that color is usually the first thing people notice about a clothing piece. It is the garment’s first impression, and it has to be good.

So work out the colors appropriately, i.e., the value and intensity of the colors you use and how they balance out in the design.

Fit is another thing you must keep in mind when designing ladies’ fashion dresses.

In this case, consider the different silhouettes and the market (ideal customer) you’re trying to reach.

The type of fabric you intend to use with the design is vital in determining the final look of the dress.

The primary consideration regarding fabric is its texture.

It will determine how the dress feels, its appearance, drape, and the visual effect on customers.

When designing, you will also want to consider the design inherent in the fabric. The fabric patterns and prints will play a significant role in defining the result of the dress.

It will also determine how we cut the fabric for sewing.

Creating a balance and rhythm in your fashion dress design is equally important.

There should be symmetry or asymmetry in the colors, shapes, and style lines of the garment.

So strive to give a relative degree of importance to different elements of your design.

Last but not least, fashionable clothing tells a story or feeling. It would help if you emphasize the story or feeling you’re trying to communicate through the design.

Emphasis can also be created by breaking rhythm to give attention to a particular element of the design.

For example, you can add a corset to the design to emphasize the thinness of the waist.

Essentially, fabric, comfort, durability, creativity, style, availability, and practicality are vital elements in fashion dress design.

They’ll ensure that the final product looks good, feels comfortable, and is flattering to the wearer.

How Does Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Handle The Design Process?

Fashion dress designing works as follows:

  • First, you have a design idea which is how you want the final product to look like.
  • Next, create a sketch of the design putting all the ideas you have on paper. You can hand sketch the idea or use fashion design software.
  • For hand sketches, you’ll need to transform them into a computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Once you have a CAD sketch, create a technical version of it. The latter includes all the garment measurements.

If you’re not good with measurements, various measurement resources are available. Alternatively, you can use a spec sheet template or grading sheet template to help you with measurements.

  • Save both the computer-aided and technical sketches in the correct file formats.
  • Remember to create a tech pack to go along with your design. It helps the manufacturer to execute the garment correctly.
  • With the CAD/ technical sketches and the garment tech pack, you can begin the pattern making, sampling, and bulk production process.
Which File Formats Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Accept?

We recommend saving your garment design sketches and artwork as ai, JPEG, PDF, or PNG.

Can I Make And Sew My Patterns For Fashion Dress Manufacturing In China?

Pattern making

Pattern making


You can cut and sew your patterns for fashion dress manufacturing. Just ensure that you have a complete, clear, and accurate computer design, technical sketch, and tech pack.

They are the foundation for making patterns, samples, and the actual bulk order.

Note that to make your patterns; you may need prior pattern cutting and sewing skills.

Amateurs can get pattern-making software. It makes the pattern-making process quick and effortless.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble, hire a professional pattern maker to care of everything for you.

As a women’s clothing manufacturer, we have expert pattern markers that can cut, grade, and sew your patterns with better accuracy.

Just send us the computer sketch and technical sketch along with the tech pack. We will cut out the patterns and create befitting samples for your designs. If you approve, we begin bulk production immediately

Why Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers Need A Tech Pack?

A tech pack or garment spec sheet is a document containing all the details about your product.

It is an essential document for both the brand and the manufacturer, mainly when producing new designs.

It helps to communicate everything about your garment to the manufacturer in a clear and precise manner.

This document acts as a ‘product contract’ throughout the fashion dress sampling and bulk production processes

A well-curated tech pack minimizes errors in production. The garments are made according to your design, size specifications, and product details.

Fashion dress designs with a detailed tech pack reduce lead times both in sampling and bulk production.

It helps us (manufacturers) plan manpower and resources accordingly, thereby assisting you in bringing your product to the market faster.

Besides, sending us a detailed tech pack along with a quotation request helps us to break down your costs more accurately and quickly.

It also gives you more control over cash flow so you can work out margins and identify loopholes and areas to adjust before you begin sampling and production.

What is more is that a tech pack can always be referred back to anytime, saving time with your future collections.

How Do I Protect My Design Ideas When Working With A Fashion Dress Manufacturer From China?

It is essential to safeguard your design ideas if you’re developing a product with a new design, function, or brand. It helps to prevent the supplier from sharing your brand name or selling your designs to other buyers.

A confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement comes in handy in this case. It is usually added as an attachment to your sample order terms.

By signing this agreement, the manufacturer is bound not to do the following:

  • Sell any products using your brand name
  • Sell replicas of your design to other buyers
  • Share details about your brand or product with third parties
  • Use your product in their marketing ads and other reference material

While we assure you respect and complete trust with our ODM and OEM manufacturing services, an NDA binds us legally.

H&Fourwing gives you 100% assurance that we will not sell or share any details about your brand and design to third parties at any cost.

What Are The MOQ Requirements For Fashion Dress Manufacturing In China?

Our MOQ varies on a client-to-client basis.

This comes down to the type of product, whether it is a new or existing design, and our working relationship.

For sample development, we can produce as few as 30pieces/style/color.

If you wish to manufacture a bulk order using in-stock fabrics, we can do 100pieces/style/color. Custom fabrics are available at an MOQ of 300pieces/styles/colors.

Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Do Small Quantities?

 Fashion dress production Line

Fashion dress production line


For clients who are unable to meet our bulk MOQ, H&Fourwing offers small quantity production for 30pieces/style/color.

We hope this will give you enough inventory for your startup so you can grow and order bulk from us.

How Do I Order Samples From A China Fashion Dress Manufacturer?

If you need stock samples, mail us your requirements or use the contact form on the product page.

For new sample development, provide us with the sketches and artwork if you can. You may also send a physical sample or description of the design you want us to sample.

Along with these, please send us the fabric you need us to use. This could be a physical sample as well or just details on fabric requirements.

You may send us patterns if available and a tech pack with measurements and other product specifications.

We will contact you if we need anything else or action. Note that we usually require an advance payment for sampling. It is 3x the cost of bulk order. Also, you will pay for the cost of shipping the samples.

How Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Ensure Quality Control?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, Chinese factories produce excellent quality products. In fashion dress manufacturing, we ensure quality by monitoring the entire production process.

At H&Fourwing, we always counter-check fabrics and other raw materials before production. It helps us ensure that materials meet your quality specifications.

During production, we take random samples for inspection. This way, we can catch any quality issues and rectify them immediately.

After production, we check on the quality of the fabric, stitching, trims and accessories, and measurements accuracy before shipping the order.

Are TT And Letter Of Credit The Only Acceptable Payment Forms By Chinese Fashion Dress Manufacturers?

No, but they are most common.

Other acceptable forms of payment are credit cards, debit cards, cheques, and various forms of bank wire transfer.

Payment via PayPal may also be accepted depending on the manufacturer. So make sure to consult and work out the payment terms with your manufacturer first before using any of these options.

What Quality Standards Should Fashion Dress Manufacturers Adhere To?

When working with a ladies dresses manufacturer, it is essential to know how they make the garments and to what standards.

Some industry standards that China fashion dress manufacturers conform to are:

  • ISO 141001
  • Made in green by OEKO-TEX
  • OEKO-TEX sustainable textile production –SteP
  • OEKO-TEX Detox to zero
  • Global organic textile standard (GOTS)
  • EU 1007
  • FTC Recycled content
  • Organic content standard
  • Product carbon footprint-ISO/TS 14067
  • Global recycled standard (GRS)
  • SA8000
  • SCS Recycled content standard
  • ZQ merino wool
How Long Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers Take To Produce And Deliver An Order?

It primarily depends on the current production capacity and the size of your order.

However, as a flexible China fashion dress manufacturer, we always try to fulfill our bulk orders within 30-40 days.

Small quantity orders take 2-3weeks. Sampling takes us approximately 2weeks from the start date to complete.

You can send us your tech pack and order details for a more accurate estimate.

How Can I Reduce Lead Times When Working With A China Fashion Dress Manufacturer?

The following tips and tricks can help you manage lead times with a China fashion dress manufacturer.

  • Order more small quantities to reduce production lead times and shipping costs
  • Provide the manufacturer with your sales projections. Letting us know when to expect a reorder can help us block out our production capacity well ahead of time.
  • Whenever possible, choose the ODM service. It will save up time in product development and production as well as reduce your costs.
  • Try offering the manufacturer an incentive if they produce and deliver your order on or ahead of time.
  • Get a manufacturer like H&Fourwing that offers express manufacturing services to get your orders fast.
  • Enhance your communication. Staying in constant touch with the manufacturer helps ensure your order expectations are being met. It also helps us to sort any issues that may emerge during production promptly.
  • Avoid oversampling as this gives manufacturers too much unnecessary work. Focused sampling tends to win favor with many manufacturers regarding service delivery.
  • Use in-stock fabrics and readily available colors whenever possible. Waiting for custom fabrics to arrive is the biggest contributor to long manufacturing lead times.

Remember not to give the manufacturer a hard time regarding lead times. It may compromise the quality of your order or, even worse, jeopardize the working conditions of the factory workers.

Do Fashion Dress Manufacturers In China Offer Drop Shipping Services?


Manufacturers deal with bulk mainly. It is difficult for us to fulfill individual orders for your customers.

If you’re looking to drop ship fashion dresses from China, we suggest sourcing from wholesalers or e-commerce websites.

 Fashion dress

Fashion dress

Do I Have To Visit Fashion Dress Manufacturers’ Factory To Make A Fashion Dress Order?

No, you don’t.

You can make your order online through the manufacturer’s website or send your order requirements via email. The sales representative/customer support team will get back to you with quotations/further details on how to proceed.

Email and other contact details are available on the website under the contact us page.

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