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Wholesale Formal Gowns Prom Evening Dresses
Wholesale Formal Gowns Prom Evening Dresses

All our Wholesale  Formal Gowns Prom Evening Dresses are soft, eco-friendly, breathable, and comfortable. All products are guaranteed 100% quality satisfaction.

Wholesale Women Embroidered Fishtail Evening Dress
Wholesale Women Embroidered Fishtail Evening Dress

We manufacture Wholesale Women Embroidered Fishtail Evening Dresses that are washable, sustainable, and breathable. These are made from poly-cotton blend fabric.

Wholesale Formal Party Long Evening Dress
Wholesale Formal Party Long Evening Dress

H&FourWing Wholesale Formal Party Long Evening Dresses are designed with anti-wrinkle, sustainable, dry cleaning, and breathable. These are perfect for woman’s wedding party dress.

Wholesale Women Luxury Evening Dresses
Wholesale Women Luxury Evening Dresses

Our Wholesale Women Luxury Evening Dresses are designed sequins and A-line silhouettes. It has a backless fashion element, strapless neckline, and floor-length.

Wholesale Maxi Sequin Evening Dress
Wholesale Maxi Sequin Evening Dress

We designed Wholesale Maxi Sequin Evening Dress with custom sizes, colors, and styles. It features anti-wrinkle, anti-static, and breathable.

Wholesale Long Sleeve Mermaid Evening Dress
Wholesale Long Sleeve Mermaid Evening Dress

H&FourWing manufactures Wholesale  Long Sleeve Mermaid Evening Dress with sequins, laces, and crystals design. It comes in different colors and sizes.

Wholesale Lace Evening Gown
Wholesale Lace Evening Gown

Our Wholesale Lace Evening Gowns are designed with floor-length, embroidered design, sequin, ball gown silhouette, modern style, and solid pattern type.

Wholesale Party Red Evening Dresses
Wholesale Party Red Evening Dresses

We designed Wholesale Party Red Evening Dresses with short sleeves, square collar neckline, and bodycon silhouette. These are best for the formal evening parties.

Wholesale Balloon Sleeve Prom Evening Dresses
Wholesale Balloon Sleeve Prom Evening Dresses

H&FourWing Wholesale  Balloon Sleeve Prom Evening Dresses are knee-length and designed with a spaghetti slip silhouette. Colors and sizes will be customized based on your details.

Wholesale Long Sleeve Evening Dresses
Wholesale Long Sleeve Evening Dresses

Our Wholesale Long Sleeve Evening Dresses are designed with breathable, anti-wrinkle, and anti-static properties. It comes with limitless custom colors and designs.

Wholesale Sexy Evening Dress
Wholesale Sexy Evening Dress

We manufacture knee-length Wholesale Sexy Evening Dresses that are perfect for evening formal parties. It has a bodycon silhouette with anti-static and anti-wrinkle properties.

Wholesale Women Formal Evening Dress
Wholesale Women Formal Evening Dress

H&FourWing supplies Wholesale Women Formal Evening Dress with floor length and sleeveless design. These are manufactured using polyester and spandex fabrics.

Premier Evening Dresses Wholesale Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional manufacturer of evening dresses wholesale for over 15 years. Our years of expertise guarantee high-quality, excellent design, and superior durability. All our evening dresses wholesale are manufactured with trendy, up-to-date, and superior design to meet every customers’ requirements. For your brand, retail store, clothing business, boutique, etc., choose H&FourWing as your manufacturer and supplier of evening dresses wholesale. We can be your trusted partner to provide satisfy your evening dress needs.

    World-Class Quality Evening Dresses Wholesale

    H&FourWing has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing evening dresses. As a professional manufacturer, H&FourWing is committed to helping you to grow a more successful business. Choose H&FourWing as your supplier of evening dresses wholesale for your clothing business.

    Our wide choices of evening dress wholesale are perfect to add as a collection for your clothing business. As an expertise-driven manufacturer, we make sure that every design of evening dresses is excellently crafted to suit every occasion, season, and fashion trend.

    We can skyrocket your business by offering you evening dresses with unlimited designs. From cocktail dresses, evening gowns, evening ball gowns, evening midi dresses, and more, H&FourWing has got all your needs.

    H&FourWing can offer you evening dresses wholesale with different decorations such as high-quality laces, beads, ruffles, embroidery, etc. It also comes with different styles, lengths, sleeve styles, silhouettes, and patterns.

    Our team will make sure that you find the best evening dresses at H&FourWing. You can find trendy, innovative, and classic designs of evening dresses. Here in H&FourWing, you can find the broadest selection of evening dresses that are available for wholesale and bulk quantities.

    At H&FourWing, we make sure to follow your design and style choices. You can send us your images, collection inspiration, descriptions, samples, etc. From measurements, fits, and designs, we guarantee that all your details will be exactly followed.

    As a leading manufacturer, we support clients from around the world from fabric sourcing, style designing, sample making, and more. At H&FourWing, you can save costs from bulk production and shipping.

    We offer low MOQ starting from 100pcs per color and style. If you purchase your evening dresses wholesale at H&FourWing, you can guarantee the satisfactory quality, excellent services, and factory prices. All our products are 3 times 100% in-line inspected by our strict quality control team.

    For your brand, retail store, clothing business, boutique, etc., choose H&FourWing as your manufacturer and supplier of evening dresses wholesale. H&FourWing is an expert from pattern-making, in-line inspecting, fabric cutting, to production sewing.

    Aside from evening dresses wholesale, we also manufacture wholesale black dress, wholesale shirt dress, wholesale midi dresses, wholesale red dress, wholesale cocktail dresses, wholesale flower girl dresses, wholesale designer dress, wholesale long sleeve dresses, wholesale casual dresses, wholesale sweater dresses, and more. H&FourWing is your one-stop solution for your clothing business needs.

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    What is an Evening Dress?

    An evening dress, also known as evening wear, is lengthy and worn at night.

    This dress is formal, so it’s normally worn at formal or important events.

    Furthermore, this fashion style magnifies more femininity in women wearing it.

    What are the Different Types of Evening Dress?

    The following presents the different types of evening dresses, such as:

    • Cocktail Evening Dresses

    Mostly this type is short and adds an enthusiastic feeling when worn.

    These dresses are worn while attending fancy occasions or fun events like parties.

    • Jacket Evening Dresses

    The jacket evening dresses are also reviewed as elegant dresses.

    It is called such because both cocktail and gown are worn incorporated with a jacket.

    • Mermaid Evening Gowns Dresses

    These types are shaped to create a delicate look and are also pretty captivating.

    Its design perfectly fits, starting from the bust going to knees but spreading out below it. 

    • Fit Evening Dresses

    It is a skintight dress from up till bottom and perfect for hourglass-like figures. Its purpose is to exhibit your body form.

    • Ballgown

    This gown showcases a fairytale-like feeling and is worn on different kinds of balls.

    Its design is well fitted on top but has a dramatic skirt from the waist below.

    • A-line Evening Dress 

    An A-line evening dress offers a slimmer-looking effect and displays a fabulous outlook.

    It can highlight your fit body form and nice shape waist and hips.

    • Midi Dress

    This is a trendy type of dress with varieties of colors.

    Its length is not too long or short, but the length reaches until mid-calf only. 

    What are Evening Dresses Made Of?

    The evening dresses can be made from different types of fabrics.

    These are the following best fabrics to use when making an evening dress:

    1. Velvet – This fabric features a smooth and shiny surface good for red carpet dresses. It is also strong, durable, and fit for vampy or sexy dresses. Besides, this is the most traditional and popularly used fabric.
    2. Chiffon – This fabric contains different versions and is totally lightweight. It is plain, soft and enables you to have an elegant-looking dress. Moreover, this is a special fabric, more feminine, and takes mastery in working with it.
    3. Georgette – This fabric is beautifully made with silk or synthetic yarns. Its characteristics are rough, crepe-like texture and a bouncy drape.
    4.  Crepe is a popular fabric choice and commonly used to make graceful evening dresses. The crepe has a grainy, wrinkled appearance and also flexible properties.
    5.  Satin – The satin fabric is shiny and adds drama or depth to your dress appearance. It also has a glossy front and dulls back texture.
    6. Organza – This organza type is crips created from fine twisted yarns. A dream kind fabric that displays delicate quality, lightweight and slight sheen characteristics.
    7. Neoprene – This fabric is not traditionally used, but it is popular to produce exciting dresses. It is also a flexible type and goes along with your figure. Moreover, it is not wrinkled and UV resistant.

    White Evening Dress

    Why Make Your Evening Dress Much Better?

    Well, if you know how to sew, then making your evening dress is a more fantastic option.

    It is more efficient and can also make sure it is your size.

    You are free to choose what fabric type or color will suit your skin tone.

    Besides, making your ideal evening gown or dress will save you more money than buying already made dresses.

    How To Choose The Right Evening Dress?

    Frequently, picking the right evening dress to suit you is difficult and confusing.

    Here are some tips to consider in choosing the right evening dress:

    • Know Your Body Figure

    Determining your body figure will help you obtain a better evening dress.

    Try to choose a dress that will showcase your greatest features and hide less appealing ones.

    • Stay on the Budget

    Calculate the highest amount you can pay for and stick to it.

    This is an important tip as it will help you to stabilize the price.

    Also will minimize your dress options which can be confusing.

    • Pick a Dress Near to Your Size

    You can rarely find an evening dress that is really your size.

    Choosing the size near your true size is a better alternative and will cost less on adjustments.

    • Select Color Tactfully

    This is also an important tip because it will affect the final look.

    Select a color that suits your skin tone and will make you look beautiful.

    • Don’t Base on the Trendiest.

    Trendiest gowns or dresses are not always the best decision to pick.

    After some months, it can be out of date, but instead, go for consistent style dresses.

    You may choose sweetheart or V necklines and A-line dresses which you can wear longer.

    • Select the Correct Fabric

    Pick a dress containing the right fabric that matches your height and body form.

    Take into consideration if used fabric can withstand the weather condition in your event.

    Also, note how to clean or handle the fabric for a fresh look.

    • Select suitable Accessories

    Accessories are indeed helpful in achieving a beautiful finished look.

    In selecting suitable accessories to wear, consider your gown and hairstyle.

    Avoid using too many accessories to prevent cluttered looks.

    Are Evening Dresses Expensive?

    Certainly yes, the evening dresses are expensive when bought in any shop.

    The estimated cost commonly ranges from around $100 to $400 or more.

    The price usually depends on gown details, type, decorations, the fabric used, and a designer’s collection.

    Evening Dress

    Are Evening Dresses Durable?

    The durability of the evening dress will depend on the materials.

    The evening dress is much more durable if it is created from long-lasting materials and the tailor’s process is good.

    Usually, the evening dress can last for more than 5 years and more.

    What are Customization Options for Evening Dresses?

    You can customize the evening dress in various styles, designs, and outlooks.

    However, the evening dress can be cut with different measurements and dimensions.

    What are the Advantages of Evening Dresses?

    The evening dress contains excellent and admirable properties.

    These are the followings benefits and advantages of the evening dresses:

    1. The evening dress has an attractive and elegant appearance.
    2. It is designed with more accessories and materials.
    3. The evening dress is available in various fitting measurements.
    4. They are an ideal option for different evening events and parties.
    5. The evening dress offers a stable color and great durability.
    6. It is tailored to the professional procedure.
    7. This dress features perfect versatility.

    Evening Dresses Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    I know you are probably looking for a reliable evening dresses manufacturer you can trust.

    Or, you would like to know the main features of evening dresses you should know.

    If that is the case – then this guide has all information you need.

    How Do You Get Best Prices From Evening Dresses Manufacturers In China?

    Here are various ways you can strike a deal while purchasing your evening dresses.

    Evening Dress

    Evening dress

    1. If you are ordering your dress online choose a store that has customer care services. One with live chats and contact details.

    They will help you when you are not sure of size what size of dress to choose

    2. Our dresses are made of different materials that differ in density and texture hence they affect the price.

    The better the quality the higher the price

    3. Before purchasing your dresses do a quick research on your phone.

    Today most businesses have social media platforms or websites. While there, check the reviews customers have written.

    Customers will be quick to share their experience to save another person or help them.

    4. Consider stores that don’t have hidden costs. For some the prices indicated are not the final prices.

    If possible, go for the ones offering free shipping to your location

    5. Be sure to check stores with sales like 70% off. You might get a nice evening dress at a ridiculous price

    6. Printing techniques affect the price of dresses. you may pay more for sublimation printing as opposed to digital printed dresses

    7. Here is a major tip that dare you forget the rest please remember this. Peak seasons can break your back.

    Well, you may have a genuine need for example if it’s an impromptu dinner date but you will save lots of coins if you buy your dresses during the low season like winter or rainy seasons

    8. Go for stores offering 30 days return policy; avoid once that don’t have.

    How Do You Print Evening Dresses?

    We use the following techniques to print on our evening dresses. They include:

    1. Embroidery- this procedure can either be hand-made or machine-made.


    Hand-made designs are more unique than machine-made. Hands can stitch curvy designs that machines can’t.

    Cons; the process is tedious and expensive

    2. Sublimation printing is an approach where an image is printed on a transfer paper then heat and pressure are used to transfer the dye on the fabric.

    Pros; the artwork is printed on the fibers of the fabric. The result is long-lasting, it doesn’t peel, crack or fade even after several washes.

    sublimation printed evening dress

    Sublimation Printed Evening Dress

    It’s a moisture management process hence the fabric remains breathable and lightweight even after the process.

    It is also fast as you can print using several dyes at the same time seam to seam hence saving time and money.

    Con; it is expensive

    3. Screen printing- Here an artwork is placed on the screen then ink is pressed through the screen onto the fabric

    Pros: it’s flexible as you can print on any flat surface, it is best for simple prints and it produces stunning designs

    screen printed evening dress

    Screen Printed Evening Dress

    Cons: The dye lays on top of the fabric hence clogging its pores. This makes your dress heavy.

    Also, the dye fades after several washes, you have to print on design after the other

    4. Digital printing- is a printing method that prints directly on a fabric.

    Files in form of JPG or PNG are sent directly to the printing press to print on the fabric.

    Pros: It’s cost-efficient for low volume dresses and you can easily make changes of the prints you have made

    Cons; it doesn’t color match, the dye cracks after several washes and it is expensive if you are printing lots of dresses

    5. Tie and dye is a traditional printing method that we still use up to date.

    The garment can be dipped entirely into a dye or some part tied and dipped in the dye. The tied area doesn’t absorb dye but the untied one does.

    tie and die printed dress

    Tie and Die PrintedDdress

    Pros; you can dye a lot of material at once, you can easily choose the pattern you desire by folding the fabric into the desired shape

    Cons; the dye fades with time and this technique needs lots of accuracy

    6. Flock printing- here we apply adhesive, color, and deposit small fiber particles called flocks on the garment.

    The flocks are made of cotton, rayon, and other materials. It gives the material a fluffy, velvet texture.

    flock printed evening dress

    Flock Printed Evening Dress

    Pros; it adheres to most surfaces and you can play around with different colors.

    Cons; it is expensive

    What Are The Available Sizes Of Evening Dresses?

    Our evening dresses have no size limit. Here is our size chart.

    • 5XS
    • 4XS
    • SXS
    • 2XS
    • XS
    • S
    • M
    • L
    • XL
    • 2XL
    • 3XL
    • 4XL

    If you are not sure of your size; contact us.

    Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers Offer Flexible MOQ?

    We have a low Minimum Order Quantity of 2 pieces for evening dresses.

    How Can You Verify Quality Of Evening Dresses?

    Offering quality goods and services to ‘you’ our customers is our main mission.

    Hence we have set rules and regulations that govern our production process.

    We have trained inspectors and workers in the factory who supervise before, during, and after the process.

    This is  to ensure the product quality is improved and the products used to make the dresses are not harmful to our customers.

    We then hire an external inspector who ensures the consistency of the products.

    S/he visits the factory and takes products samples randomly or picks a certain percentage of the unit.

    This is done after the production process. The results of the sample determine the quality of the dresses.

    S/he checks the order against their specification, quantity, color, and material. The packaging requirement is also verified.

    Finally, s/he classifies the products and reports quality defects if any.

    You are welcome to visit the factory, see the process and even touch the materials. This is amazing as you will get immediate information.

    What Neck Designs Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers Offer?

    The neck design on your evening dress adds spice to the attire. Here are neck designs our dresses come in:

    1. V-neck- it elongates the neckline and balances the size of your shoulders
    2. Sweatheart neck -it parades your natural curves and amplifies the bust area
    3. Surplice neck- it gives the dress crossover effect that defines your waist hence showing off the hourglass figure
    4. Strapless- it shows off the collar bones, neck, and shoulders
    5. Squareneck- it is square in shape and elongates a short neck and narrows the shoulders
    6. Spaghetti strap- has thin straps on the shoulders like spaghetti
    7. Scoop neck- has dipper neckline that elongates it and shows off the collarbones
    8. Round or crew neck- This is the most common. It gives the wearer the illusion of a short neck and full chest
    9. Queen Anne neck- named after her has a sweetheart neckline in front and sleeves on the side
    10. Plunging neck- it’s a deep v-neck  that’s very dramatic usually worn by people who want to show lots of skin
    11. Off the shoulder neck- the shoulders are left bare. Best for narrow shoulders.
    12. Illusion neck-here a different fabric is used to create a transparent look from the neckline to the bust
    13. Keyhole neck- it has a jewel lie opening on the neck to display some cleavage. Its best for ladies who don’t mind showing cleavage if you do, avoid it
    14. Turtle-neck- its best for long necks as it wraps the neckline
    15. Halter neck- it creates a balance between wide shoulders and toned arms
    16. Collard neck-has a collar on the neck that gets the eye away from the bust area it’s best for busty women. The collars can be rounded, asymmetrical, pointed, etc
    17. Cowl neck- they are made of soft fabric and are draped
    18. boat neck- also called the bateau neckline sits below the collarbone. Paring such a dress with a simple neckless would look chic
    19. Asymmetrical neck-also called one shoulder as one of the shoulders is left bare as the other straps runs across the other shoulder. Its best worn in a plain color

    Which Sleeve Options Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers In China Offer?

    Sleeves on evening dresses include:

    • Full- sleeves get to the wrist or beyond
    • Sleeveless- sleeves end at the shoulder
    • Short sleeves- sleeves go from the shoulder to the underarms
    • Three-quarter-goes beyond the elbow but above the wrist
    • Cap sleeves-has short sleeves that cling from the shoulder but don’t get to the arms

    Is There Recommended Length Of Evening Dresses From China?

    Not really.

    Our dresses come in maxi, full-length, mid-length, and mini. All these lengths are meant to suit our customer’s tastes and preferences.

    So we leave our options open to our customers.

    You can go as long or as short as you want as long as you are comfortable and the length suits your occasion.

    Which Occasions Should You Wear Evening Dresses?

    They include:

    • Parties
    • Weddings
    • Birthdays
    • Summer
    • Dinner
    • As casual wear
    • Beach
    • Hot dates
    • Out for cocktail and drinks
    • Fashion spree
    • Night out

    How Does Normal Dress Compare To Evening Dresses?

    Normal dresses can be flowy and loose they don’t have to be fitting while evening dresses flatter your silhouette.

    normal dress

    Normal Dress

    How Should Evening Dresses Fit?

    Standard enough to flatter your body and be comfortable.

    evening dress

    Evening Dress

    Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

    Yes. We allow our customers to return their dresses only if the order is incorrect, has wrong sizing, or has wrong pricing.

    It’s advisable to communicate immediately. Not later than 30 days.

    The dresses should be in the original packaging with the tags on, unworn and unwashed.

    If all goes well we will review your request and get back to you within 7-14 days.

    Which Color Options Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers In China?

    We have a wide color pallet to choose from;

    • Warm colors – like orange, yellow, red
    • Light warm- peach, beige, cream
    • Cool colors- grey, white, black
    • Light cool colors- dark grey, light pink, plum
    • Decorated star series for the printed dresses
    • Combined colors and ombre

    All the above colors come in different shades and tints however they slightly differ from the color on our websites due to the lighting on your phone or computer.

    Do Affordable Prices Of Evening Dresses From China Imply Low Quality?

    Not really.

    As mentioned earlier we have a quality standard that we must meet irrespective of the price of our dresses.

    The dresses are priced differently because of the difference in density and texture of the material.

    This is to ensure women of all classes can rock our dresses and feel beautiful.

    What Can You Wear Under Evening Dresses?

    Before deciding what to wear underneath need to understand the design of your dress and your complexion.

    For spaghetti straps or a strapless neckline wear a strapless bra for a crisscross back or bareback dress choose an adhesive bra or a boob tape.

    You can as well wear the dress without a bra if you’re not busty

    For underwear, you can choose a lace thong, seamless panties, bikini, g-string they are barely visible.

    Go for black or nude; they don’t show.

    How Will Evening Dresses Manufacturers In China Protect My Designs?

    We will sign a NonDisclosure agreement to ensure the information you share with us doesn’t leak.

    Feel free to send your creative thoughts, they are safe with us.

    Will Evening Dresses Manufacturers Help In Design Process?

    Yes, we will.

    We cooperate with our customers to deliver personalized designs.

    If you want to design your dress, use the design tool on our website or send us a sketch bearing all your design details.

    These may include your name, logo, etc.

    Save the document as PDF, SVG, or Vector. Indicate the exact position we should place the details, the sizes and the decorations you want.

    Once we receive your artwork, we will review it, send you back the feedback then deliver the design.

    Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers Send Samples Before Mass Production?

    Yes, we do.

    This mostly applies to customized dresses.

    When you send your designs to us it’s only fair for us to review and send you a sample before producing more in case there is an error that needs correction.

    You will only cater for the shipping fees.

    How Long Will It Take Evening Dresses Manufacturers From China To Complete My Order?

    We take 7-14 days to produce evening dresses depending on your order.

    Which Closure Options Do Evening Dresses From China Have?

    They include:

    • Button or zipper mostly at the back
    • Hollow out- these dresses can easily be worn without an opening as they stretch enough to accommodate your size
    • Small cutouts- can comfortably wear the dress through the neckline
    • Wrap dress- you wear then wrap according to how you want it to fit. Such dresses can be wrapped using different styles. Ie bareback, strapless, one hand, etc

    How Should You Clean And Maintain Evening Dress From China?

    Here are tips you can implement while cleaning your dress:

    1. Only use a machine if your dress is plain. Machines can damage embellishment on your dress.

    2. Use cold water and a mild detergent and wash gently. Pulling your dress will tamper with its elasticity and damage the material

    3. Rince the dress once or twice. Don’t wring by squeezing out the water instead push out only the excess water. Place the dress on a rack or towel to air dry. Don’t hang it, it will affect its elasticity.

    Keep turning the dress after a while to dry completely

    4. Only iron plain dresses and not embellished ones. If necessary use low heat and iron inside out to avoid getting iron marks.

    5. Once it’s dry, store it in a cool dry place. If it has sleeves or straps use a hanger to hang. However, if it’s strapless, lay it flat on the wardrobe.

    If you must fold don’t overdo it.

    Which Stitching Options Do Evening Dresses Manufacturers In China Use?

    We use flatlock, multi-panel, and four-needle stitching methods on our evening dresses.

    These stitches ensure they are firm durable and fit perfectly. They are also comfortable as they will not irritate the skin of the wearer.

    What Are The Embellishments On Evening Dresses From China?

    Evening dresses have the following decorations:

    • Lace-mostly on the neckline and arms
    • Beading- beads are used to enrich the dress look
    • Sequined- shiny metals or plastic discs are used to add a sparkle
    • Tassel- loosely hanging cords or tuft at the end of the garment
    • Raffle- pieces of fabric are gathered to make an ornamental frill on the dress
    • Pleat- these are folds on the garments stitched at the top
    • Applique- different pieces of fabrics are stuck to a larger fabric to form a pattern
    • Embroidery- artworks are sown on fabric to form patterns
    • Pattern and flowers- decorative designs repeated on the dress
    • Draped-such a dress has graceful folds
    • Sash-it’s a piece of cloth that you tie along the waist as part of the cloth
    • Pearls-hard, shiny, round white in color bead stitch mostly on the neckline to add elegance to the dress
    • Feathers- feathers add some form of texture to the dress
    • Ribbons- these are stirps of fabrics tied on the dress

    Tiered- the dress has layers

    embolished evening dress

    Embelished Evening Dress

    What Silhouettes Do Evening Dresses Have?

    They include:

    • Sheath- it’s a tight-fitting dress with slits to allow movement
    • Asymmetric- has two sides with different lengths
    • Bandage dress- a tight dress that fits like a second skin
    • Slit slim- it’s tight with slits of different lengths
    • Ball- it’s a fully skirted gown that gets to the floor
    • Straight- this dress neither fits nor flared
    • Gown- long dress for formal occasions
    • A-line has a wider hem than the shoulders
    • Mermaid- it flares at/below the knee to create the tail

    How Do You Make Evening Dresses In China?

    Lets me take you through our production process:

    1. We have normal orders and customized made ones. For personalized dresses, we get designs from our customers.

    2. Once we receive them we verify the design, we send you a sample before producing the dresses in bulk.

    After approving and making payment, we start the production process

    3. We choose the materials based on your specification and cut them. We then print the fabric before stitching if instructed to

    4. We stitch all the cut pieces according to sizes, color, quantity, and the technique we want to achieve.

    5. We have the dresses inspected by our quality control officer

    6. We then spot clean the dirt that may have occurred during the cutting and stitching process that we mark with a sticker.

    We use steam, hot water, or chemical stain removers to clean.

    For customers who want their dresses fully cleaned we offer such services at an extra cost

    7. Clothes are then transferred to the ironing section where the dresses are steamed to relax the fabric and press- where pressure applied sets the fibers into a new position. We then let the dresses dry

    8. The last process is to make the products ready for shipment.

    Garments are folded, tagged, sized, and packaged according to the customer’s specifications.

    We place the package in plastic bags either manually or using automated machined to keep them away from dust

    9. We then place them in cardboard boxes and ship them to you. We share the shipping fee 50/50

    How Will You Know You’re Working With Genuine And Reliable Evening Dresses Manufacturers From China?

    Here are some tips you can implement

    1. Do a background check, search the manufacturer’s details on B2B directories.

    Ask for references from people you know who have been working with manufacturers. Get to know their strengths and weaknesses

    2. Do a factory visit or send someone you trust?

    Trade shows in China warn customers against believing in brochures, trusting ISO 9001 certification, or salespeople.

    While in the factory focus more on what you see other than what your host is saying; they may try to impress you with their words

    3. Do a face-to-face meeting and get to know your manufacturer or factory.

    Ensure you have several manufacturers; one as your best and the rest as a backup plan

    As a trusted evening dresses manufacturer, we offer high quality and affordable women clothes – contact us now.

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