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  • Professional women’s clothing cupro dresses manufacturer
  • Focus one women’s clothing only special in cupro dresses
  • Offer small quantity is 300pcs/color/style MOQ
  • Professional in both lightweight knitting and woven cupro quality
  • Never leaving things to tomorrow’s daily communication service
  • Best possibility High-speed delivery date for production
A-Line Cupro Jersey Dress with Raw Edge Cutting at Bottom
A-Line Cupro Jersey Dress with Raw Edge Cutting at Bottom
Cupro Jersey Dress with Viscose Rib at Neck and Cuff
Cupro Jersey Dress with Viscose Rib at Neck and Cuff
Jersey Cupro Maxi Dress with Waist Belt
Jersey Cupro Maxi Dress with Waist Belt
Short Sleeves V-Neck Cupro Jersey Dress
Short Sleeves V-Neck Cupro Jersey Dress
Woven Jaquard Cupro Dress
Woven Jaquard Cupro Dress
Woven Jaquard Cupro Dress with Lace Trim at Neckline
Woven Jaquard Cupro Dress with Lace Trim at Neckline

Premier Custom Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style& print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

Your Premier Cupro Dress Supplier in China

Cupro material is nature quality like cotton recovered fibre to make.

Which more complex than normal fabric, the fibre is very fine, not too shiny, have very good draping and breathability.

Because of this high brand like cos cupro dress is well known for all the customers.

If silk is number one, cupro definitely is another queen of fabric. we know well about cupro’s quality character.

We make a lot of cupro styles like cupro dresses, cupro tops, cupro pants, cupro shorts, cupro jumpsuits, cupro skirts, and jackets every year.

If you are looking for a professional cupro dress supplier. we will be your first option in China.

Cupro dresses can be used for any occasion for women, we do four lines for our own collection from office lady we will design more official styles like cupro suits or cupro coat.

Cupro is also very good for women’s weekend style, it’s very comfortable and relaxes with a good fitting simple& clean cupro dress to spend your weekend with family or friends.

Cupro is well known and comments used for high-end brands’ party dresses. as it’s good draping special the jersey cupro fabric is very good for hot cupro party dresses. the last line is for the resort, cupro is soft, breathable, can say any style made of cupro quality looks expensive.

If you have a professional manufacturer to work together to understand the patterns, cuts like cupro dresses.

We love cupro, we make cupro style like cupro dresses if you are looking for a good, professional cupro dress supplier. We are here to support you.

Cupro Dresses Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for more information about Cupro dresses manufacturer.

Or, you’d like to get high quality Cupro dresses from China.

If that is the case, then this is right guide for you – keep reading.

What Is A Cupro Dress?

Cupro dresses

Cupro dress

It is a garment made from Cupro.

Cupro is a silk-like fabric derived from cotton or other plant waste/linter/cellulose. It is produced through a closed-loop system which means that while chemicals are used in making the fabric, it can still be disposed of safely. Besides, the Cupro production process can use the same water repeatedly, which means less water usage.

Generally, Cupro is an environmentally friendly fabric.

What Are The Advantages Of Cupro Fabric For Ladies Dresses?

Apart from being sustainable and environmentally friendly, Cupro is smooth and silky. It also drapes so beautifully, making it an excellent fabric choice for ladies’ dresses.

In addition, the fabric is fine and soft to the touch, which gives ladies’ dresses a luxurious feel. Apart from this, Cupro is fairly durable and elastic. It also blends well with other fabrics.

What is more is that it can be made sheer, which only increases your Cupro dress options.

What Makes China Cupro Dress Manufacturer The Best?

China Cupro dress manufacturer, H&Fourwing, is your one-stop destination for all your women’s clothing needs.

We offer premium quality Cupro dresses that promise to meet and exceed your expectations and wow your customers.

To that, we provide our wholesale and custom-manufactured Cupro dresses at an affordable price. This is one of the main reasons why we are a preferred manufacturer for many of our clients.

What Other Names Are Used To Refer To Cupro Fabric?

A lot of different names are used for Cupro, but they all refer to the same substance.

Common names for Cupro fabric in the market are:

  • Cuprammonium rayon – the scientific name for the fabric.
  • Cupro/Cupra – common slang among Chinese manufacturers and suppliers for Cuprammonium rayon.
  • Ammonia silk – also commonly used by Chinese websites and suppliers.
  • Bemberg – American patented name for Cuprammonium rayon.

Do China Manufacturers Offer Private Label Cupro Dresses?

Private label clothing

Private label clothing

Yes. China manufacturers offer both white and private label dress manufacturing services.

Private label Cupro dresses, in particular, give you a lot more than many other contemporary designs.

Here are some advantages of H&Fourwing private label Cupro dresses:

  • Premium quality fabric and excellent manufacturing to create the best quality Cupro dresses for your brand.
  • Dresses in all designs from maxi to midi length and printed to embroider dresses to appeal to your diverse customers.
  • Limitless custom options to make your brand stand out
  • New and improved fabric engineering for better overall comfort, fit, and breathability.

How Can I Customize Cupro Dresses?

Well, it’s pretty simple as the list of customization options is endless. You can add print designs to the dresses or use embroidery fabric. Patterns and ornaments are also great custom ideas for Cupro dresses. Again, the list is endless.

To make everything even simpler, tell your manufacturer what you need, and they’ll work to make it happen.

You need to do is provide detailed information about the product and requirements for customization. The manufacturer will reach out to you and get to know more about your requirements and how you want to customize the order.

Thereon, they’ll get to manufacture your custom bulk for Cupro dresses.

What Style Varieties Do Cupro Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Cupro dress manufacturers offer an extensive collection of Cupro dresses for women of all ages and sizes.

H&Fourwing, in particular, has an extensive catalog of different types of Cupro dresses in limitless custom varieties. With our design and manufacturing capabilities, you’re assured of finding Cupro dresses to fit all your customers’ needs and requirements.

What Decorations Options Do Cupro Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Several decoration options are available when manufacturing Cupro dresses in China.

They include:

  • Screen-printing
  • Heat transfer
  • Embroidery
  • Direct to garment printing

The specific method to be used will depend on the artwork and graphics and the intended outlook and functionality.

Budget is also an important factor as some decoration methods such as embroidery are costlier than others.

What Kinds Of Ink Does China Cupro Dresses Manufacturer Use For Printing?

Printing ink choice usually depends on the type of printing method to be used.

Nonetheless, China Cupro dress manufacturers use natural dyes or water-based inks that are environmentally friendly and non-fading. The inks are all OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that they are safe and free of harmful substances.

What File Formats Does Cupro Dresses Manufacturer Accept For Designs And Artwork?

Commonly acceptable file formats for clothing designs and artwork are Ai (adobe illustrator, PDF, PNG, and JPG. Manufacturers also require that images be at least 300 dpi for best interpretation and results.

What Other Embellishments Does China Manufacturers Offer For Cupro Dresses?

Sequin dress

Sequin dress

China Cupro dress manufacturers offer a variety of embellishments via machine or handwork.

Embellishments you can consider are sequinning, applique, beading, trimming, patchwork, lacework, piping, batik, and more.

Don’t forget to include specifications for the embellishments in your tech pack.

What Are The Considerations For Choosing Cupro Dress Colors To Order?

Fabric colors are one of the things that you need to define for your Cupro dress design to turn into a sellable product in limited time.

Here are a few ideas to help you in choosing Cupro dress colors for your brand:

  • Getting an inspiration: most clothing lines are based on themes that ultimately inspire the line’s colors and prints.
    You can try looking through trending fashion magazines, websites, and fashion shows. From the photoshoots and models thereon, you’ll be able to get ideas for colors, textures, and prints for your Cupro dresses.
  • Provide many options: A good clothing brand should offer various options to its customers without being too overwhelming. Consider your ideal customers’ desires and lifestyle when picking out the dress colors.
  • Consider your entire collection: You can achieve cohesion within a collection by determining the sort of style you’re going for with the line. Once you have an answer, you can begin to think about suitable color schemes to go with it.
  • Go to the source: Visiting fabric stores can give you excellent ideas on colors for your Cupro dresses. Here, you’ll get to feel the fabric and explore different blends, colors, and prints. You can get a few swatches that you like and use them to design befitting Cupro dresses for your brand.
  • Partner with a reliable Cupro dress manufacturer: as your manufacturer, H&Fourwing will work with you through all the stages of producing bulk Cupro dresses. This includes the design, development, and manufacturing stages.
    We will advise you on the best colors and prints for your design.

Do China Cupro Dress Manufacturers Offer Design, Pattern, And Sample Making Services?

Yes, many manufacturers have in-house designers who can work with you to create bespoke Cupro dress designs for your brand. They also have expert pattern makers that can engineer the features and fit of each dress design using the latest technology and equipment.

In addition to the creative services, Chinese Cupro dresses manufacturers also create samples on request. Cupro dress samples can help you test the fit and functionality before going all out on a bulk order for your brand.

Note that pattern and sample making can cost you up to 3 times the bulk order cost. But the actual cost will depend on the specific dress design, quality of the fabric, and inclusion of prints, embroidery, and/or embellishments.

If you need an actual quote, do send us your design details and sample requirements. We will go over the detail and send you an accurate quote along with estimated lead times.

Do Cupro Dresses Manufacturers From China Offer Free Samples?

Yes, although it depends on the manufacturer.

For instance, H&Fourwing offers free samples if selecting from existing stock.

But for new sample development, only 1 piece is given for free. More than one piece comes at the cost of up to 3 times that of the bulk order. The cost is, however, refundable once you commit to a bulk order.

Note that you (the client) will cater for the cost of sending the samples (whether free or charged) from the factory to your location.

How Do Cupro Dresses Compare To Silk Dresses?

Silk dresses

Silk dress

Silk is the epitome of luxury when it comes to ladies’ dress fabrics. It is a natural fabric that is soft, breathable, and very attractive. The downside, however, is that silk dresses are relatively costly, given that the availability of silk fabric is not that great nowadays.

Cupro, on the other hand, is a near-perfect imitation of silk. It is just as soft and breathable but with even better durability.

Commonly, Cupro is referred to as vegan silk as it contains no animal products.  Compared to silk, Cupro dresses are cheaper. Since the fabric is also readily available, you can be sure that production will take slightly less time.

What Is The Cost Of Manufacturing Cupro Dresses In China?

Pricing depends on the type of Cupro dresses you’re buying and the quantity of your order.

In general, Cupro dresses manufacturer from China commits to offering excellent quality dresses at an affordable rate.

Does China Cupro Dresses Manufacturer Offer Discounts Bulk Orders?


Although, Chinese manufacturers already offer the most competitive prices for Cupro dresses. But there are instances when they may offer additional discounts on bulk orders.

At H&Fourwing, we believe that everything can be negotiated. So we are always ready to accommodate our customers’ requests as long as it brings forth mutual benefits for both parties.

Does China Cupro Dresses Manufacturer Have Minimum Order Requirements?


Cupro dress manufacturers in China primarily operate on MOQs. This helps them to recoup tooling and custom manufacturing costs for each new order.

MOQs may range from 50 to 10,000 pieces or even more, depending on the manufacturer and client. Of course, you can negotiate these MOQs to a reasonable range. But remember, Chinese manufacturers can’t go too low on set MOQs.

For instance, it is reasonable to negotiate from 1000MOQ to 800 or even 250 if that’s what your budget allows. But negotiating 1000 MOQ to 25 is just not practical. Besides, a Chinese manufacturer would hardly agree to such.

How Do I Know What Cupro Dress Sizes To Order From The Manufacturer?

Two things matter when determining sizing for your clothing brand: customer body type and ease over body.

You could be targeting curvy, petite, or juniors with your Cupro dresses. Whatever is your ideal custom body type let it guide you in sizing Cupro dresses for your brand.

Ease over body refers to the space between the body and the garment—these range from fitted to relaxed and flowy etc.

Apart from these, it would also help if you pay attention to competitors’ sizing mechanisms. Check out brands that have good feedback about their fit and sizing. The information you gather should be able to guide you in choosing Cupro dress sizes for your brand.

Remember, you can combine both standard and custom sizing in your Cupro dresses. This is mainly if you cater to a broader market and also occasionally offer special collections.

Do Cupro Dresses Manufacturers From China Adhere To Specific Labeling Requirements?

Garment label

Garment label

Yes, they do.

Label requirements are mandatory, especially in the apparel industry.

If you manufacture and import garments without the necessary labeling information, customs will consider them illegal.

As such, you won’t be able to market or sell them as they are.

The consequences for not adhering to the necessary labeling requirements could be disastrous and pretty expensive in the long run.

For one, customs tend to seize incorrectly labeled garment imports.

Other authorities for market surveillance will also come after you for weeks or even months on end.

So to avoid trouble, losses, and inconveniences, make sure you get your Cupro dress labels right when manufacturing in China.

In this regard, provide detailed labeling and packaging requirements for your garments when placing the order.

You can include this information in the tech pack or as a separate document. Either way, make sure the requirements apply to your country/region of import.

What Are The Checklist Of Qualities To Look For In Finished Cupro Dresses?

China Cupro dresses manufacturers have stringent quality assurance protocols which help ensure top-quality production. The quality control process is quite comprehensive that it’s hard to miss faults.

However, factory staffs are human. So, although unlikely, some mistakes may go unnoticed. Thus we recommend that customers countercheck orders immediately after receiving them.

You can sport-check all the dresses or some of them. Most faults tend to be with the stitching, closures, i.e., buttons or zippers, sizing and fit, thread quality and color, printing, etc.

So check to ensure that all these elements meet your initial requirements and specifications. If there are any faults, take photos of the affected dresses, label them, and document the noted errors.

Once done, share the information with your manufacturer to advice on a way forward.

How Long Does It Take To Manufacture And Deliver Cupro Dresses From China?

It depends on your order (type and quantity), location, and the shipping method used.

Custom Cupro dresses take longer to produce, given that the process takes on a comprehensive approach. It includes design creation, sample creation and approval, pattern making, and final production.

At H&Fourwing, we take approximately 30 days to produce custom Cupro dresses. We have express order services which may take a shorter time to produce.

Delivery, as usual, will depend on the means of shipping as well as the delivery location. Air shipments will typically arrive faster than orders sent by sea.

Do Cupro Dresses Manufacturers In China Provide On-Demand Production?


A majority of dress manufacturers in China provide on-demand production.

H&Fourwing, for instance, can produce your orders as and when you need them. All you need to do is send your order requirements via email, and we will get back to you with more information on how to proceed.

Ensure that you have a factory-ready tech-pack for your on-demand production needs.

What Are China Cupro Dresses Manufacturers Payment Terms?

Well, it depends on the value of your order.

At H&Fourwing, we require 100% payment in advance for orders less than USD 10,000.

For orders above USD 10,000, the payment terms are flexible. You can pay a 30% deposit and then clear the remaining 70% before order shipment.

All payments to H&Fourwing should be made by T/T. But we also accept a letter of credit at sight for orders valued at USD 50,000 and above.

Why Is Compliance Certification Important For Chinese Cupro Dresses Manufacturer?

H&Fourwing Certifications

H&Fourwing certifications

Compliance certification enables dress manufacturers to demonstrate their compliance to different standards and regulations.

For instance, an ISO 9001 certification shows a manufacturer’s compliance to set quality standards. In this case, they have a reliable quality management system that ensures production to a high standard.

There are also social compliance certifications for ethical manufacturing. These show that a manufacturer applies socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

Standard 100 (OEKO-TEX) and GOTS certifications indicate that manufacturers use only safe and quality assured materials.

If you’re into sustainable manufacturing, you may also want to ensure that your manufacture adheres to environmental health and safety.

Generally, working with a legitimately certified Cupro dress manufacturer is a good step towards ensuring your brand’s compliance.

It also provides 3rd party validation of your business approach to responsible working practices. It is vital, especially in a world where customers are becoming increasingly socially and environmentally conscious.

Can China Cupro Dress Manufacturer Ship Anywhere In The World?


We provide safe and on-time global shipping-no matter the location.

As a manufacturer serving clients from different parts of the world, we’ve partnered with key players in the freight industry. Our carrier and freight forwarders network allows us to provide a reliable logistics solution to our clients.

We can arrange any shipping to your destination, including door-to-door shipping. You need to provide us with the requisite paperwork and information to facilitate the shipping and customs clearance process.

Does China Cupro Dresses Manufacturer Maintain Any Responsibility Once Orders Are Sent Out Of The Factory?

No, China clothing manufacturers don’t assume liability for orders once they’re shipped from the factory.

However, they guarantee secure product packaging and ship using your chosen freight company. If you’d like some form of safety assurance for your shipments, we advise that you get cargo insurance.

This will cover you against any loss and/or damage that may occur during the shipping process.

So, if you’re looking for trusted and reliable Cupro dresses manufacturers you can trust, we are here for you.

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