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Your Leading Ladies Cotton Dress Supplier in China

  • Professional women’s clothing manufacturer specializing in dresses
  • Focus on the middle to high-end garments manufacturing
  • Small quantity is 300pcs/style/color with reasonable price point
  • Offer clients more flexible service
  • Do a high-speed sample and production delivery date
  • Original Design Manufacturer’s ability to work closely with clients
3D Embroidery Flowers A-Line Cotton Silk Dress
3D Embroidery Flowers A-Line Cotton Silk Dress
A-Line Cotton Dress with 4 layers
A-Line Cotton Dress with 4 layers
Check Cotton A-line Dress
Check Cotton A-line Dress
Cotton A-Line Lace Crochet Dress
Cotton A-Line Lace Crochet Dress
Cotton Crepe Dress with Fringe at Waist and Neckline
Cotton Crepe Dress with Fringe at Waist and Neckline
Light Mercerized Short Sleeves Cotton Dress
Light Mercerized Short Sleeves Cotton Dress

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style& print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

Your Best Cotton Dresses Manufacturer in China

We treat our quality as our life, we will understand the business secret“No quality, No order”. if you just start your women clothing brand for several years, It’s very hard for you to find a good women clothing supplier in China special in ladies cotton dresses.

In China either you found an upscale factory to make your cotton dresses, they will charge you a very high price for small quantity cotton dresses to order.

Or you know some mass producing factories who can not pay attention to details for your production.

Because China is well known for cheap garment big producing manufacturer before.

A manufacturer who can make you small quantity cotton dresses order with reasonable price point with excellent service and delivery date, which is a clear missing niche in China now.

Being from a new generation we well understand that marketing made in China is not meaning cheap anymore.

To be a professional cotton dresses manufacturer in China, we would like to offer our clients more than business. our MOQ is 300pcs/style/color because we need to meet the fabric MOQ, and sometimes we will suggest our client make like a group to mix the cotton dress with cotton skirt or blouses to save cost.

Cotton dresses are not only 100%cotton quality but there are also many kinds of cotton blend quality like cotton linen dresses. cotton elastane dresses.

We have our own designer team to work together with clients, In each collection, we will make our own cotton dresses group offer to clients, and we have a strong fabric and trims sourcing team, if you want, we can send you fabric or trimmings swatches each month to make our client’s designer life easier.

We are women’s clothing manufacturer in Ningbo China.

If you are looking for a great cotton dresses manufacturer to work together.

Feel free to contact us now.

Cotton Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a reliable cotton dress manufacturer in China.

Or, you would like to choose perfect cotton dresses for your clothing line.

Whichever the case, this guide will help you understand everything about cotton dresses.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is The Advantage Of A China Cotton Dress Manufacturer For Bulk Production?

A cotton dress manufacturer from China offers the following advantages:

High-quality Fabric And Accessories

Some Chinese manufacturers make their fabrics, but a majority source raw materials and accessories from reliable suppliers.

They countercheck these materials to ensure that they meet the required standards so you can get quality products.

Advanced Production Equipment

A Chinese clothing manufacturer like H&Fourwing has a large-scale production facility covering an area of more than 3000 square meters.

The factory has several advanced production equipment with skilled designers, engineers, and sewing staff to ensure production efficiency and quality.

Our advanced equipment and bulk production capabilities also assure you of easy scalability as your demand grows. We can also help you weather downtimes in demand.

Complete Product Categories

Manufacturers in China can produce many types of cotton dress, including fashion dress, casual dress, work dress, beachwear, etc.

Faster Lead Times

Ladies dress manufacturers from China have many years of women’s clothing production and development experience. As a result, they can complete mass production of various orders at the fastest speed.

It doesn’t matter if you order a small batch to start your clothing brand or a large volume for an already established brand.

China cotton dress manufacturers have a rapid organization of fabric and accessories bulk production. They can start mass production of cotton dresses fastest and guarantee delivery to a high-quality standard.

What Fabric Variations Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers Use?

Cotton dress manufacturers can provide you with a complete variety of options following your specific garment or design concept. They work with lightweight cotton, medium weight cotton, and medium-to-heavy weight cotton.

Lightweight cotton is available in a variety of weights ranging from sheer to semi-sheer fabrics. Lines on sheer fabrics are usually visible from the hand or cutting table.

Lining fabrics are often used alongside sheer cotton to make ladies’ dresses.

Cotton chambray and chino are good examples of medium-weight cotton fabric.

Chambray looks like denim but with closer folds. Medium weight fabric is ideal for more structured and fuller dresses as they have more body with wider folds.

Chino cotton makes for a perfect fabric for beige or navy work dresses and uniforms. Safari dresses are also a trending fashion dress style that you can add to your clothing line.

Medium to heavyweight cotton fabrics is commonly used in bridal gowns, cocktail, and sheath dresses. They are casual yet elegant and are thus used in making pencil and work dresses too.

What Are The Considerations For Choosing Cotton Dress Fabric?

Sample fabric

Sample fabrics

Chinese cotton dress manufacturers work with some of the best textile mills and fabric suppliers in the world. Meaning, they can provide you with a range of quality fabrics for your cotton dress manufacturing needs.

With that in mind, it is essential to present a sample of the original fabric.

The manufacturer will replicate the sample quality and customize colors, patterns, and print designs in your cotton dress manufacture.

But if you don’t have a sample available, provide information that can help them source the correct fabric for your order, such as:

  • Yarn count
  • Construction
  • Density
  • Weight
  • Color(solid or print)

This information will help the manufacturer produce your dresses in the exact fabric quality and colors you want, even without a sample.

Do Ladies Dress Manufacturers In China Offer Customized Labels For Cotton Dresses?


But minimum order quantities apply for custom labels for cotton dresses. Also, prices will vary depending on the label construction and placement.

Moreover, the manufacturer will require detailed spec requirements for the labels.

So, provide the size dimensions and images of the labels you’d like them to customize for your order.

Sewing instructions are also important. So let the manufacturer know if you need the labels to be one side, two sides, or four sides, etc.

Don’t forget to provide additional information to add, such as care, size, and fabric content.

You must also advise the placement of the labels, i.e., inside neck or inside side seam.

How Does Cotton Dress Manufacturers In China Handle Private Label?

If you’re unsure about the technical details of your clothing line, a private label manufacturer for cotton dresses is the best option.

Such a manufacturer will provide you with ready-made dresses for your brand. All you’ll need to do is choose where your brand logo and/or clothing tags go.

China clothing manufacturers handle private labels as follows:

  • Client (you) sends a spec sheet or details of the project like sketches and design inspirations you’d like the dresses to replicate. It also includes the sizes and fabric qualities you have in mind.
  • The manufacturer provides estimated costs for sampling.
  • Once you agree to commit a payment, the manufacturer begins making the samples.
  • The first stage in sample development is pattern cutting. Here, the dress patterns are cut out and graded based on the specifications, sketches, or inspired designs you provide.

During pattern cutting and grading, the manufacturer may also develop fit samples with rough fabric. The fit samples help to determine whether the technical specifications are correct or not.

  • After pattern cutting follows the sourcing of fabrics, accessories, and trims.
  • Once the sample is complete, the manufacturer sends it to you for approval since they can’t start production without your go-ahead.
  • The bulk production commences after sample approval. The manufacturer takes care of cutting, sewing, finishing, and quality checking, and packing your bulk order in this stage.
  • Labels and tags will be developed upon your request.

What Is The Difference Between Private Label And OEM Cotton Dress Manufacturing?

Cotton dress manufacturing

Cotton dress manufacturing

When you need fully customized cotton dresses, you will choose an OEM manufacturing service.

This option is ideal if you know how to make your brand unique and don’t want to rely on white label or private label manufacturing.

Private labeling works quite similarly to the ODM process.

The manufacturer will sell you a dress that you can customize and brand your own before marketing and selling. In this, the product is not unique to your brand; it only has your name and logo.

Since private label products are not unique, they are made available to other clients to apply and sell under their brand name.

On the other hand, an OEM manufacturer will make cotton dresses according to your exact specifications.

In other words, they will customize every aspect and detail of the dress, so it feels and looks exactly how you want it to. It will be unique to your brand, and the same product/design cannot be sold to another brand name.

What Is A Factory Tech Pack For Cotton Dresses?

A tech pack is a document containing all the technical details about the dress you want to manufacture in China.

It includes:

  • Design sketches showing all the essential details about the dress
  • Sizing and dimensions
  • Fabric details
  • Details on accessories and trims
  • Quantities
  • Labeling requirements
  • Packing and lead time requirements

Ideally, you send a detailed tech pack to your cotton dress manufacturer.

But not having one should stop you from seeking out their manufacturing services.

Many manufacturers can help you create a befitting tech pack for your cotton dress project as long as you provide the necessary information.

Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers In China Help In Design Process?


Cotton dress manufacturers in China have an in-house design team that can help you create bespoke cotton dress designs.

All you need is a rough idea of how you want the dress to look like. The manufacturer’s design team will look into the idea and suggest possible designs to consider.

Remember, manufacturer creative services come at a nominal fee.

Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers From China Offer Free Samples For Evaluation Before Ordering?

Not particularly.

Some manufacturers offer free samples for existing designs but charge a fee for custom designs.

The cost of new design samples goes up to 3x that of the bulk order in China. But the good thing is that the money is usually refundable once you commit to bulk.

What Is Size Grading In Cotton Dress Product Development?

Size grading

Size grading

Size grading is the taking of garment patterns from sample size and creating all other sizes from them.

Cotton dress manufacturers follow standard procedures to move up/down in between sizes. But they also adhere to customers’ unique preferences.

If you have a custom preference for size grading, make sure to provide accurate inseam measurement.

It will enable the manufacturer to achieve a perfect fit for your cotton dresses.

How Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers Do Costing For New Designs?

When you send your designs and detailed tech pack to the manufacturer, they will give you a preliminary costing.

This is an estimate of how much production will cost. It is based on all the information provided in your tech pack.

After sample development, a cotton dress manufacturer may give you a final costing.

It is usually a true reflection of what the production will cost, from raw materials to finishing, inspection, and shipping.

Commonly, the difference between the preliminary costing and final costing is minimal, about 10%.

So in some cases, manufacturers don’t bother with a final costing, especially for simple designs.

But if the initial costing before a sample is done comes out too high, it is advisable to speak out.

Cotton dress manufacturers can help you cut down costs by redesigning the garment to fit your budget expectations.

What Other Natural Fabric Options Do Ladies Dresses Manufacturers Offer?

Apart from cotton, ladies dress manufacturers offer a variety of other natural fibers, including:

  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Denim
  • Velvet
  • Wool
  • Leather

Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers From China Offer Full Package Production (FPP)?

Yes, they also offer CMT. But can make production exclusive if you don’t want segments of your order outsourced elsewhere.

Full package production means that every phase of the production process is done in-house, under one roof.

In this, the manufacturer takes care of everything from design and pattern making, sample development to fabric/accessories sourcing, and everything that follows.

In CMT manufacturing, the only thing that the manufacturer does is cut, make and trim.

So you need to have figured out everything else like design, pattern making, grading, etc.

Alternately, they may need to outsource these to other sub-suppliers and then deal with the CMT part.

What Decoration Options Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers In China Offer?

Cotton dress with embroidery

Cotton dress with embroidery

Cotton dress manufacturers in China use various techniques to apply decoration and artwork to custom cotton dresses.

Full dye sublimation, heat transfer, screen printing, and digital printing are popularly used to apply digital designs to garments.

Sew-on designs and patterns are applied using embroidery, tackle twill, or applique techniques.

The decoration option for cotton dresses is typically chosen based on the customer’s preference, artwork specifications, and garment fabric.

Note that pure cotton fabric does not work with sublimation printing. It has to be blended with polyester for this printing method to work.

What Is An Ethical Cotton Dress Manufacturer?

It is a manufacturer that follows ethical standards and fair trade practices in cotton dress production.

Such a manufacturer provides a safe working environment to employees and pays workers well so they can stay motivated.

It also means that the manufacturer does not use child or forced labor in their work environment. Moreover, they help support fair trade by employing the services of skilled artisans for handwork like embroidery and beading.

Most importantly, an ethical cotton dress manufacturer is licensed and stays compliant with all relevant regulatory ordinances.

What Standards And Codes Of Practice Should Cotton Dress Manufacturers Adhere To?

Cotton dress manufacturers adhere to several standards and codes of practices.

They are awarded certifications for these and to confirm their quality, work ethic, and compliance to regulatory requirements.

Some of the minimum standards and practices that these manufacturers adhere to are:

  • BCI (Better cotton initiative)
  • Fairtrade factory practices
  • Global organic textile (GOTS) standard
  • OEKO TEX standards
  • Global recycle standard
  • SCS certification

Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers In China Allow Factory Visits?

H& Fourwing offices

H&Fourwing offices


Cotton dress manufacturers shouldn’t play hide and seek with you.

They should allow you to visit their factory so you can audit the facility and see how your product is made.

If a manufacturer is weird about a factory visit, needs little prior notice, or flat out refuses you to visit, they’re not worth your while.

We at H&Fourwing allow factory visits to our factory.

Our administrators and production manager will take you around the factory, show you our equipment and explain our working processes.

You can take pictures and video footage that could be useful for your ads and marketing campaigns.

We are also open to third-party factory audits to guarantee our quality and capability.

Can Cotton Dress Manufacturer In China Sell My Designs To Competitors?


Cotton dress manufacturers in China sign non-disclosure agreements to avoid divulging your designs and information to competitors.

At H&Fourwing, we don’t share client names or work with other clients or brands. We value your creativity and trust in us and thus vow to protect your design ideas.

Rest assured, we would never sell your designs or share your brand name.

Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers From China Offer Free Shipping?

It depends on the manufacturer. But a majority will charge you the cost of sending finished cotton dresses to your destination.

H&Fourwing can take care of your shipping needs for you. We offer different logistics solutions to suit your budget and requirement.

We use our trusted partners for airfreight and sea freight. But we can also work with your courier account or freight forwarding company to facilitate your order shipping.

What Is Cotton Dress Manufacturer Lead time For Mass Production?

Leadtime depends on many factors: project type, order quantity, method of shipping, your location, etc.

At H&Fourwing, we take pride in offering fast lead times and creating custom solutions that suit your requirement. Our average lead time is 40 days after sample approval. But this varies on a client-to-client basis based on the factors named above.

Can A China Ladies Dress Manufacturer Make On-Demand Cotton Dresses?

Yes, absolutely.

China’s on-demand manufacturing focuses on small batches with a very high level of customization. It allows you to manufacture small quantities and enjoy shorter lead times for your orders.

A ladies dress manufacturer in China will often work off the tech pack for your on-demand cotton dress projects. It helps you avoid generic white label products that won’t give you an advantage over your competitors.

How Do Cotton Dress Manufacturers Guarantee Product Quality?

At H&Fourwing, for example, we have professional engineers and a strict quality assurance and quality control system. This system is designed to ensure that cotton dresses produced at our factory are of a high-quality standard.

What Is The Average Price Of Bulk Cotton Dresses?

It is understandable to want to know a little about the price when manufacturing cotton dresses in China. But it isn’t easy to give an accurate quote without knowing more about your project and requirements.

Several elements define the ultimate price of cotton dress manufacture. These elements are the dress design, fabric quality, quantity, expected lead time, and level of customization, among other things.

Once you provide all the necessary information, your manufacturer can give you a possible quote.

Do Cotton Dress Manufacturer In China Have Fixed MOQ?

Our MOQ is low to support small businesses.

Actually, we have the lowest MOQ in the industry.

You can order as low as 300 pieces. Of course, we offer the best prices in the industry.

More importantly, we have flexible MOQ to all our clients.

Should You Buy Directly From Cotton Dress Manufacturer Or Online Market Places?

Always buy directly from cotton dress manufacturer if you want to skyrocket your business.

This is because there are many benefits such as:

  • Ability to customize cotton dresses according to your needs and requirements – you can have unique logos, patterns or graphics. This is good for any marketing strategy.
  • You’re always guaranteed of competitive prices, which gives you an edge over your competitors
  • You can negotiate on the MOQ
  • Buying directly from customers give you a chance to build long-term cooperation with the manufacturer. Therefore, you will always get the best deals in the market.

At H&Fourwing, we help you get the best cotton dresses depending on your needs and requirements.

As a leading and trusted cotton dress manufacturer in China, let H&Fourwing, we can help you skyrocket your clothes business – contact us now.

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