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  • Focus on the middle to high-end brands clients
  • Professional women’s clothing manufacturer
  • Small quantity is workable with MOQ 300pcs/style/color
  • Original Design Manufacturer with high-speed delivery date
  • Excellent service never leaving a thing to tomorrow
  • Strength sourcing team for both fabric & Trims
All Over Print Smock Top Part Casual Dress
All Over Print Smock Top Part Casual Dress
Cotton Casual White Dress with Waist Belt
Cotton Casual White Dress with Waist Belt
Heavy Cotton Linen Crepe Casual Dress
Heavy Cotton Linen Crepe Casual Dress
H-Line Sleeveless Modal Casual Dress
H-Line Sleeveless Modal Casual Dress
Short Sleeves Jersey Casual Dress
Short Sleeves Jersey Casual Dress
Short Sleeves Panti Roma Slub Casual Dress Front with Embroidery
Short Sleeves Panti Roma Slub Casual Dress Front with Embroidery

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style& print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

H&Fourwing – Your Best Casual Dresses Supplier and Factory

We offer the best possibility to our clients, normally we say after the casual dress PP sample is approved 4 weeks.

And we have a very good relationship with our forwarder to offer the best price for your casual dresses shipment from China.

Our design team will work closely with our clients to set up new development and collection together.

If you send us the image or inspiration from your lady’s casual new collection.

Our design team will base it to source suitable quality and trimmings to design the style for you accordingly.

And we have a very strong fabric and trims sourcing team to cooperate with our design team.

If you are looking for a professional casual dresses supplier in China, we will be your dream team here.

For sure casual dresses are more used for the weekend or at-home wear.

So the casual quality requires more comfortable qualities like the cotton dress, linen dress, silk dress, and viscose dress…..

All the materials are in nature fabric bases with good hand feel, easy moving with elastane.

Or if you are women’s casual dresses wholesale, and want to have special custom casual dresses for your business, our designer will help you to design your cool casual dresses for selection.

We well understand the business secret “ No quality, No order” we care about our casual dresses quality, we also care about the final sales result in our clients’ stores.

We are your reliable casual dresses manufacturer in China.

Contact us to discuss your lady’s casual dresses.

Casual Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for a reliable casual dress manufacturer in China.

At the same time, you’d to know what to look for in casual dresses.

Whichever the case, this guide has all information you’re looking for.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Kind Of Materials Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Work With?

Casua dresses

Casual dresses

Cotton, silk, linen, denim, viscose, chiffon, and polyester are commonly used to make ladies casual dresses.

But then it depends on the specific project and the client’s requirements. In this case, factors such as the quality, weight, drape, color, and sewability of the fabric are considered for casual dress manufacture.

Do Ladies Dress Manufacturers From China Provide Sustainable Fabrics For Casual Dresses?


Sustainable fabric options when manufacturing in China include linen, organic cotton, recycled polyester, silk, lyocel, and wool.

You can also use reclaimed fabric, which is leftover fabric from the manufacturer. It can also mean vintage fabric or any unused material sourced secondhand which should otherwise be disposed of.

By using reclaimed fabric, casual dress manufacturers keep textiles out of landfills and use something already available.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Casual Dresses?

MOQ varies from one manufacturer to the other and the type of casual dress you’re looking for.

H&Fourwing offers flexible MOQs.

We offer small quantity production with a low MOQ of 30 pieces per order for mid-size companies, small brands, and startups. We believe that this can provide you enough inventories to maintain low business risk and make profits to plow back into the business.

Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Provide Pattern Making For Custom Designs?


A casual dress manufacturer can create your pattern blocks based on the ideas you have for your brand. They will also do size grading based on the sample sizes you provide.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Factory Designers And Engineers For Casual Dress Design And Pattern Development?

Pattern development

Pattern development

Factory designers and engineers are experts with years of expertise and experience in garment design and pattern development.

They will take care of every creative aspect to develop a bespoke design and effective pattern for your clothing brand. Moreover, an expert team will guide you towards the best cost-efficient and quality casual dress manufacturing solution in the shortest time possible.

Since they take care of everything for you, it allows you to focus on other business areas like marketing, sales, and distribution.

What Is Casual Dress Development Process?

At H&Fourwing, we would begin by taking your sketches (based on your ideas) and turning them into a technical 2D design. Sketches could be a hand drawing or a reference product. You could also send us a digital image for better visualization during the development process.

We will source all raw materials (fabrics, accessories, and trims) based on the tech pack information. We will not begin production before getting your approval on the raw materials we procure. Once you approve, we will then do a preliminary costing for you based on the tech pack information.

If the costing before sample development comes out too high for you, that is understandable. Just reach out to us, we will work together to rework the design to your budget requirements.

Otherwise, we carry on with sample development, for which we will also need your approval and the go-ahead for bulk production.

Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Offer Preliminary Quotes For Custom Designs?

Yes, as stated above, you get a preliminary quote before product samples are developed. Preliminary quotes are based on the initial design and tech pack information.

Once a sample is done, the manufacturer will then do an actual costing and give you the exact quote for bulk production.

Note that a ladies dress manufacturer will always source materials other items with a budget in mind. It helps that what is shown to you is within the ballpark of where you want to be in production.

Can I Get Cheap But Quality Casual Dresses From A China Manufacturer?

Of course!

China manufacturers are known to offer the cheapest yet quality clothing manufacturing solutions.

It would help if you let your manufacturer in China know your goal regarding the dress type, target market, and price level. Based on your goal, the manufacturer will provide the best solution for your project.

Just remember, Chinese manufacturers, make a variety of casual dresses in different qualities and price points. In other words, quality is not cheap, and with China, you’ll get what you pay for.

Can I Make Alterations On White-Label Casual Dresses From China?

Yes, white-label clothing is made without any branding whatsoever. You can buy such casual dresses and add tags, prints, embroidery, beads, or other embellishments.

White label casual dresses are also available for customization beyond these techniques. Just contact your manufacturer with details of how you’d wish your casual dresses to be customized. Remember to provide branding requirements as well, i.e., labeling specifications, etc.

Do Casual Dress Manufacturers In China Accept Clients’ Fabrics/Materials?

Fabrics for casual dresses


It depends on the manufacturing model you want.

For full package production, a Chinese manufacturer will take care of everything. They handle raw material procurement, pattern making, sampling, logistics, production quantity calculations, etc.

Clients can provide a few items like samples for original fabric, tags, and other trims in this arrangement.

If you’re going with the CMT manufacturing model, the manufacturer may accept the raw materials you provide. CMT manufacturers will only cut, trim, and make your clothing. Meaning, you’ll have to take care of everything else before the CMT, including procurement of materials.

What Other Incidental Costs Will A Casual Dress Manufacturer Charge For Bulk Orders?

Aside from the manufacturing cost, you’ll need to set aside a budget for shipping. Some manufacturers may offer free shipping. But this is pretty rare unless you agree on an incoterm requiring the seller to cater for freight costs to your location.

You also need to consider your requirements and specs for customization if you’re going for custom casual dresses.

Determine how picky you plan to be, i.e., if you’re okay with in-stock fabrics and colors, you only need to worry about shipping.

On the other hand, you may need to consider the yardage costs if you want custom fabrics for the bulk order. It is in addition to the quoted cost of production and shipping.

Do note that shipping costs usually vary depending on several factors: the overall volumetric weight of your order, location, shipping method, and current fuel prices.

How Do I Send Digital Data To A Casual Dress Manufacturer?

The following file formats are recommended for sending digital data for garment patterns, tech packs, artwork, etc.

  • Artwork for logos, tags, and prints- ai, or tif format
  • Design sketches- pdf or jpg format
  • Pattern files- DXF or mdi. Maintain the automatic exportation name for DXF files. Renaming files once exported in DXF could alter information on the file.
  • Tech pack-pdf or jpg are the best formats
  • Marker- if ready to print, send in HPGL. Otherwise, a PLX file will allow the manufacturer to make the necessary modifications before printing.

For other inquiries on this, consult with your manufacturer.

Do Casual Dress Manufacturers In China Have Minimum Color Quantities?

Not all.

Minimum color quantity (MCQ) is a number given by a clothing manufacturer. It tells you the number of colorways you have to order to meet the requirements for bulk casual dress production.

Factories in China have all kinds of minimum quantities. Therefore, you need to find one that works for you and what the minimum requirement includes, i.e., is the MOQ number regardless of size or color?

What Kinds Of Color Profiles Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Work With?

Pentone TCX

Pantone TCX

Finding the right balance of color and patterns to obtain the look you want for casual dresses can be a daunting task. You may need several passes to get the color of your fabrics and print just right.

Luckily, many color profiles are available to ensure color matching in the textile and apparel industry. But the Pantone textile color codes (TCX) remain to be the most popularly used.

Other Pantone textile color references are also available, i.e., Pantone TC, TP, TPX, and TPG for paper colors.

When sending the Pantone textile codes to the manufacturer, follow the recommended format-Pantone name+code.

Importantly, communicate clearly if you’re aiming to produce a solid color or a heather color for your casual dresses.

Heather colors tend to have higher MOQs and prices due to their complexity. So always let the manufacturer know your color goals in advance to quote your order correctly.

What Are Tech Packs And Why Do I Need Them For Casual Dresses?

In casual dress manufacturing, a tech pack is considered the basic foundation of the dress.

It includes all the information and details regarding your dresses, such as fabric, colors, patterns, measurements, trims, construction details, etc.

A tech pack allows you to communicate all the information about your dresses in one document.

Manufacturers also use the tech pack information to give quotations for product development. Hence, it is essential to send it alongside other order requirements for your casual dress manufacture.

The tech pack document you provide should be detailed and accurate to avoid misinterpretations and errors in your project.

Can A Casual Dress Manufacturer Make My Tech Packs For Me?

Yes, a China ladies dress manufacturer can make tech packs for your casual dress manufacturing.

At H&Fourwing, we have an in-house design and engineering team that help you define all the details of your dress: from the pattern, raw materials, and construction to finishing.

All you have to do is send us your design ideas or reference designs. Our creative team will study this information and take care of everything to realize an effective tech pack for your project.

Can China Casual Dress Manufacturers Recreate Samples I Send Them?

Of course!

If you don’t have a tech pack but have a physical sample of the pattern or finished dress you want, send it to the manufacturer. They will study, analyze and evaluate the sample to get every detail clear for pattern making or bulk casual dress production.

Note that the manufacturer will have to rely on the sample to source raw materials and make the dresses. Therefore, ensure you specify every detail and requirement correctly. Also, a China casual dress manufacturer will hardly return the sample to you after the product development.

How Long Does It Take Casual Dress Manufacturers To Make Samples?

Well, it depends on the dress design that you want to actualize. For example, a solid color casual pencil dress is quite simple and faster to sew than a casual sequin dress or beaded wrap dress.

What may quicken or delay the sample development process is the raw material sourcing. Making samples using in-stock fabric is easier and faster. Manufacturers have to locate the materials in their warehouse and get to work.

On the other hand, custom fabrics require external sourcing, which can be daunting.

Basically, sourcing raw materials is the primary variable in casual dress product development. It can take a different timing, ultimately affecting the timelines for delivery.

What Is An FSR In Casual Dress Manufacturing?

Garment size set

Garment size set

FSR is an abbreviation for Full-Size Range.

When a casual dress manufacturer realizes an FSR, they make the pattern or samples in all sizes.

I.e., realizing an FSR in:

  • Pattern making: it means grading the pattern to obtain the full-size range for production. For example, if the sample is in size large (L), but the manufacturer grades it to obtain sizes small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL) for bulk production.
  • Sample making: it means that the manufacturer will sample all the sizes you’re producing, no matter the size of the original sample.

Can Chinese Casual Dress Manufacturer Copy Another Brands Design For Me?


A casual dress manufacturer cannot copy another brand’s design for you or any other competing brand or company. They won’t sell your designs to competitors either.

It is not just because they sign confidentiality and NDAs, but also because they are trustworthy business people. They believe strongly in relationships built on trust, performance, and reputation.

At H&Fourwing, we won’t copy other brand’s designs nor sell yours to other clients. We respect your creativity and value your trust in us. But if you’re mesmerized by another brand’s design, we have a workable solution for that.

We can draw inspiration from the brand’s design and provide a similar yet innovative solution for your brand.

For example, we can source the raw materials used in your reference design, doing their best to find the most similar options available.

Alternatively, we can copy the pattern and then reproduce a similar style and fit for you.

H&Fourwing can do all the above, but our recommendation is always to personalize your product to make it unique for your brand. This gives you a competitive advantage in the market and improves your brand exposure and loyalty.

What Types Of Printing Methods Can Casual Dress Manufacturers Do?

Based on the design complexity and budget, manufacturers can embed beautiful prints onto casual dresses using:

  • Full dye sublimation
  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Heat transfer
  • Digital garment printing
  • Plastisol print

If you’d like to print your dresses with other techniques beyond the above, contact your manufacturer with details and specifications.

Also, always confirm with your manufacturer if the printing you want applies to your chosen fabric.

What Type Of Packaging Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Offer?

Casual dress manufacturers provide a range of packaging in standard and intricate custom-made options.

Custom packaging can be in the form of boxes and bags. Some manufacturers also provide recycled and biodegradable packaging options on request.

Again, there are countless options available for standard and custom packaging solutions. Casual dress manufacturers from China can provide these in a variety of materials.

You need to talk to your manufacturer about your packaging requirements, so they get it right from the get-go. Also, include your labeling requirements, as per the regulations in the importing country.

Improper garment labeling can land you into trouble with customs officials and other regulatory agencies.

Note that there are no standard prices for custom packaging and labeling for casual dress orders.

Everything is made according to your requirement and specifications. The best thing to do is provide your design specs, artwork, mock-up or images, and branding. It will allow the manufacturer to work on the packaging and labeling accordingly.

Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Work With Third-Party Suppliers?

Yes. Many clothing manufacturers around the world deal with third-party suppliers.

H&Fourwing, for example, works with trusted and reliable suppliers for the procurement of raw materials. We countercheck any materials sourced from outside to make sure that they conform to the required standards.

We also outsource some aspects of production to established sub-factories. But if you’re concerned about this, we can always adjust our capacity to meet your production requirements.

How Do Casual Dress Manufacturers Ensure Quality Production?

Casual dress manufacturers from China take care of your production from end to end, ensuring top-quality output.

Commonly, the manufacturers utilize a human-based approach with an expert QC team to ensure the quality of your dresses.

The quality control team is tasked with performing quality checks at every production stage. During production, they will randomly pull out individual dresses from the production line to ensure that everything is going as planned.

Once production is complete, the team will also countercheck the finished dresses against your tech pack.

The China quality control process checks for a variety of criteria. Each dress must pass this checklist. Otherwise, it is sent back for review. Quality checks focus on fabric performance, stitching, quality of handwork, print quality, embroidery, dyeing, labels, and tags tec.

How Does Shipping Work With Casual Dress Manufacturers From China?

Shipment from china

Shipment from China

A casual dress wear manufacturer from China can ship your order directly to your warehouse or chosen location.

Some manufacturers have warehouses where they can ship to and hold the dresses for you or distribute them on your behalf.

Overall, Chinese dress manufacturers take care of all your shipping needs. Commonly, they offer two shipping options:

  • Courier shipping: for small packages, i.e., samples, fabric swatches, tag books, etc. FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS are the most commonly used carriers for this shipping method.
  • Shipping via 3rd party: manufacturers will use your chosen freight forwarder or logistics partner to send bulk orders to your location.

Orders from China can be sent to locations worldwide by airfreight, sea freight, or rail freight (for locations in Asia and Europe). Note that delivery times vary by location and method of shipping. Ocean freight takes longer than air freight and courier for delivery.

At H&Fourwing, we can help you start your fashion brand.

For more inquiry, contact H&Fourwing – your reliable casual dress manufacturer in China.

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