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  • H&Fourwing has more than a decade of fashion women`s dresses manufacturer experience
  • We highly offer high-end bridesmaids dresses to international customers
  • Both OEM and ODM services are available here to boost your brands and your wholesale business.
  • We have a professional and mature design team to create designs and customize your ideal bridesmaid dresses.
Asymmetric One-Shoulder Satin Column Gown
Asymmetric One-Shoulder Satin Column Gown

Available in 56″ length. Designed with flowy trumpet skirt with a slit. Finished with a back-tie sash.

Keyhole Neck Chiffon A-Line Gown
Keyhole Neck Chiffon A-Line Gown

Perfect for romantic elegance theme parties. It features slim keyholes in the back and front. Available in 61″ length.

Off the Shoulder Chiffon A-Line Gown
Off the Shoulder Chiffon A-Line Gown

With careful seaming and beautiful pleating styles. It absolutely adds a flattering fit to the wearer`s figure.

Plunge Crepe Trumpet Gown
Plunge Crepe Trumpet Gown

Designed with high front slits to define wearers` figures. True to its size, available in different colors and styles.

Multi-Way Loop Fit & Flare Dress
Multi-Way Loop Fit & Flare Dress

This dress comes with a loop. Can be styled for at least 2 weeks to 13 different ways. Provides chick looks for wearers.

Strapless Georgette A-Line Gown
Strapless A-Line Gown

Features with draped pleats. A kind of romantic gown with beautiful neck designs that adds elegance to the wearer.

Strapless V-Neck Chiffon Trumpet Gown
Strapless V-Neck Chiffon Trumpet Gown

Off-shoulder designed. One of the elegant bridesmaid dresses in the factory with a full-length skirt and side slit. Available in custom colors.

Twist Back Satin Trumpet Gown
Twist Back Satin Trumpet Gown

A stretch-satin bridesmaid gown features a spine-framing cutout. Sleeveless designed and trumpet skirts with floor-length.

V-Neck Back Tie Chiffon Trumpet Gown
V-Neck Back Tie Chiffon Trumpet Gown

It has sophisticated and smooth symmetry shapes in the front view. While a flowy back views together with a back tie.

Premier Custom Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional bridesmaid dresses manufacturer in China. We provide outstanding dresses designs to meet your high standards. H&Fourwing is known as budget optimizers, friendly experts, stress relievers, and great listeners. We work not only with retail brands but also with wholesale private label customers and other global customers. We are an OEM bridesmaid dresses supplier you can trust with your business!

Your Trusted Bridesmaid Dresses Supplier in China

There are some budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses you can find at H&Fourwing, no matter what design you need. We are your ideal place to seek flattering and stylish bridesmaid dresses. As one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can produce pretty dresses at any amount of customers` orders.

If you are a wholesaler or distributor of bridesmaid dresses and you run out of stocks, you can ask for help from H&Fourwing. Beautiful bridesmaid dresses here are available in different figures from small-large, colors, and styles. With competitive costs, we can fully support you in this industry.

At H&Fourwing, you can find different bridesmaid dresses that will complement any wedding themes. They could be perfect for elegant evening wedding parties, rustic weddings, traditional weddings, etc. These are all available in the latest styles. Thus, we can guarantee that all styles of bridesmaid dresses could flatter any wearer`s figure.

Most of the bridesmaid dresses we offer have elegant and very attractive designs. It also has a unique style, exclusive fit, amazing details, and exclusive colors offered at affordable pricing. But, if you have your own ideas, we can consider and work them for you.

Whether you`re looking for dreamy chiffon, plunge crepe trumpet gown, multi-way loop fit & flare dress, and more, we`ve got you! We can make the wedding day more memorable with the bridesmaid dresses you order from us. Paired with perfect accessories and jewelry, wearers of our bridesmaid dresses will surely look stunning!

H&Fourwing designed bridesmaid dresses in any style with our artisan skills. We are being attentive to every detail of the dress we offer. Each bridesmaid dresses are carefully designed to flatter users` figure. Adding these dresses to your business will be very great! We tested every yard of fabric we used to create a more stunning, elegant dress.

So, what still makes you hesitant? H&Fourwing provides what your customer needs in terms of elegant bridesmaid dresses. Choose the best bridesmaid dresses from our collection, and allow us to be your top choice of fashion women`s dress manufacturer in China starting today.

H&Fourwing is a reliable bridesmaid dress factory in China. Aside from bridesmaid dresses, we can also provide about 100+ latest designs of sequins party dresses, beachwear dresses, silk evening dresses, and more. The quality of our products and services has been proven by a lot of our customers nationwide.

Again, if you are searching for reliable quality, ready-to-wear dresses from a trusted manufacturer in China, you can rely on us. H&Fourwing quickly responds to your inquiries for your brands and your customers’ ideal dresses made in China.

In the company, we have a professional design team that creates outstanding dress designs to meet your standards. H&Fourwing is a friendly expert, great listeners, stress relievers, and budget optimizers. We are keeping on doing our very best in order to provide satisfaction for our customers every day.

Contact us right away! We will be your reliable and best bridesmaid dresses manufacturer in China.

Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about bridesmaid dresses manufacturers.

Whether you want to know where to get the best dresses, features or available options; you will find all information right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

How Are Bridesmaid Dress Different From Other Types Of Ladies Dresses?

The main difference between bridesmaid dresses and other ladies dresses is that they are specially designed and styled for weddings.

From the fabric to the details, bridesmaid dresses are meant to go with a particular theme.

Bridesmaid dresses are meant for a particular wedding event and they might not be suitable for everyday wear or for other evens.

Bridesmaid Dresses Are Paricularly Made For Wedding Events

Bridesmaid Dresses Are Particularly Made For Wedding Ceremonies

Why Should You Buy From Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturer From China?

China’s garment and textile industry has risen over the years. Chinese manufacturers are ranked among the best internationally.

The clothing industry has invested in the latest technology and trained personnel. This ensures perfect quality and stitching.

Some of the reasons why you should buy bridesmaid dresses from China include:

  • Majority of the manufacturers have years of experience in the making and production of bridesmaids dresses.
  • Manufacturers from China offer a variety of styles, design and colours of bridesmaid dresses. Chinese manufacturers offer uniqueness and one of a kind bridesmaid dresses.
  • Price- bridesmaid dresses are relatively affordable unless they are high end designer dresses.
  • Quality- manufacturers from China have the latest technology as well as skilled personnel who make good quality and long lasting bridesmaid dresses.
  • Quantity- majority of Chinese manufacturers sell in bulk and wholesale. They are capable of meeting all their orders whether small or big in good time.
  • Infrastructure- china has good logistics making it easy to ship bridesmaid dresses worldwide. It is also possible to know the status as well as track your order.
  • Payment- Chinese manufacturers have made it easy and convenient to pay for your bridesmaid dresses order. They have a variety of fast and reliable payment terms and online banking platforms.

Buying Bridesmaid Dresses From China Gives You Quality Products Made From Experienced Professional

Buying Bridesmaid Dresses From China Gives You Quality Made From Experienced Professionals

Which Types Of Bridesmaid Dresses Do You Have?

Available types of bridesmaid dresses include:

  • Short bridesmaid dresses- although less popular, short bridesmaid dresses are perfect for informal weddings or for summer and spring weddings.

Short bridesmaid are elegant and give the bridesmaids a chance to show off their shoes.

They also have better chances of re-wearing whether in everyday life or other events.

A Short Bridesmaid Dress

A Short Bridesmaid Dress

  • Floor length bridesmaid dresses- these are extra-long dresses. They are elegant and give out a romantic look. They are perfect or formal weddings.
  • The deep V neckline- the deep V neckline can be either in the front or the back of the bridesmaid dress.

They are perfect for showing just the right amount of skin. They are casual and are perfect for summer or fall weddings.

The Deep V Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

The Deep V Neckline Bridesmaid Dresses

  • The scoop neckline- these bridesmaid dress have low cut neckline that resemble a scoop.

This design offers an interesting and classic look. The scoop neckline goes perfectly with long bridesmaid dresses.

  • One sleeve neckline- one sleeve neckline bridesmaid dresses are a recent trend. They are outstanding and modern.

They are known to give the bridesmaid youthful looks.

To make them even more beautiful some manufacturers attach a bow detail on the one sleeve neckline.

One Sleeve Neckline Bridesmaid Dress

One Sleeve Neckline Bridesmaid Dress

  • Metallic bridesmaid dresses- these dresses are made from metallic fabric which are shiny.

For decoration, manufacturers usually add flower and bow details.

These are the most common bridesmaid dress detail so of course you can order for any detail you prefer.

Bridesmaids In Metallic Dresses

Bridesmaids In Metallic Dresses

  • Little black bridesmaid dress- little black dresses are perfect as bridesmaid dresses as they add that modern and edgy touch to a wedding.

Also you can modify them in so many ways.

For instance manufacturers can add modern touches such as bow and flower details, ruched details, a one shoulder neckline etc.

One major advantage of the little black bridesmaid dress is that it can be re-worn to other functions or just as a regular dress.

  • Blue with ruched details bridesmaid dresses- blue bridesmaid dresses are a never ending trend.

Manufacturers usually make them from metallic and other fun fabrics. They can be made with a tiered design or ruched details.

Blue bridesmaid dresses are timeless and bring a good colour balance to the wedding.

How Do You Choose Best Material For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Wedding dresses can be made from a wide range of fabric and materials. Some of these materials include: chiffon, velvet, voile, charmeuse, organza, satin, silk, crepe, tulle, lace, jersey etc.

When selecting the best material for bridesmaid dresses, you should consider the following factors:

  • Price- it is best to find out how much bridesmaids are willing to spend on dresses. Knowing their budget will help decide on which material to go with. Simple chiffon dresses are the least expensive and most popular.
  • Type of wedding- different types of bridesmaid dress materials are best suited for different wedding. For instance, for a beach wedding, go for a lightweight fabric such as chiffon and lace.

If it is a casual wedding, select low-key materials such as jersey or chiffon. For lavish and elegant settings, materials such as crepe, satin or sequins are the best.

  • Season/time of year- for summer and spring weddings, bridesmaid dresses should be made from light materials such as chiffon.

For fall and winter, the best materials for bridesmaid dresses are velvet, crepe, satin, faille, etc.

  • Style- you should always go with the fabric that will best bring your design ideas to life.

 Your Fabric Of Choice When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses Material Depend On Some Factors Mentioned Above

Your Fabric Of Choice When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses Material Depend On Some Factors Mentioned Above

How Can You Get Best Prices From Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers In China?

Tips on how to get the best prices from bridesmaid dress manufactures include:

  • Negotiate- price. It is no doubt that some manufacturers overprice bridesmaid dresses. Bargain with your manufacturer until you agree on a fair price.

It is however important that you keep the negotiation polite and cordial for better chances.

  • Discounts- take advantage of any available discounts or coupons. This can significantly save you money.

Will Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers Help In Design Process?

If you do not have already have the design, manufacturers can help you come up with one. They also analyse your designs and make necessary edits and adjustments.

It is best to communicate and work closely with your manufacturer for perfect results.

How Do You Check Quality Of Bridesmaid Dresses?

  • Ensure the material is not see-through- bridesmaids dresses made of light materials are a blessing especially on hot days.

However, extreme sheerness means the dress is low quality and will last long.  They contain fewer fibres and are more prone to tearing.

  • Pull the seams and check if there are any gaps- the seams for your bridesmaid dress should be tight.

Loose seams mean the dress is of poor quality and is prone to splitting.

  • Check for any exposed zippers- good quality bridesmaid dresses should not show any zippers. Instead they should be enclosed in a fabric pocket.
  • Stretch the fabric and check if the dress maintains its original shape even after stretching.

A good quality bridesmaid dresses should be able to bounce back when stretched. A bad quality dress will look odd after stretching.

  • Check if all the details are sewed not glued. Bridesmaid dress details such as bows and flowers should be sewed.

A good quality should have tight stitches rather than being held together by adhesive.

  • Check the colour of the bridesmaid should be uniform and in the exact shade you ordered. Check out for any smears.
  • Check if the label gives necessary information about the bridesmaid dress. A good quality bridesmaid dress should have a label with all the crucial details.

For instance, how to care for the dress, how to wash and dry it, the fabric content, etc.

How Should Bridesmaid Dresses Fit?

With bridesmaid dresses fitting, it is recommended not to forgo comfort for looks.

While you ensure that the bridesmaid dresses are elegant and good-looking, also ensure they are the correct fitting also.

Ensure that they are not too long, too short, too tight or too big.

How Long Will Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers To Complete My Order?

Manufacturers take about two to three months to complete production. If the bridesmaid dresses need alterations it could take an additional two to six weeks.

They take also take an additional one to seven days for shipping.

To be on the safe side, it is best to order your bridesmaid dresses six months in advance. This will allow you to get them in good time and avoid any last minute rushes.

Which Collar Options Can You Choose For Bridesmaid Dresses?

The most popular collar option for bridesmaid dresses is Bertha collar. This is a large and round collar that lies flat.

Most bridesmaid dress manufacturers make the Bertha collar out of lace or net material. Other collar options include:

  • Cowl- a large portion of the material folds from the neck forming a cowl style of collar.
  • Peter pan- it is a small rolled collar that lies flat on the neck and has curved edges.
  • Mandarin-this is a type of collar that was adapted from the traditional Chinese mandarin collar. The slit has a slit in front with curved edges.

Cowl Neckline Bridesmaid Dress

A Cowl Neckline Bridesmaid Dress

What Are The Available Sleeve Options For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Some of the sleeve options for bridesmaid dresses include the following:

  • Short sleeves
  • ¾ sleeves
  • Cap sleeves
  • Long sleeves
  • Poet sleeves
  • Tulip sleeves
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Set in sleeves

How Do You Choose Best Color For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Bridesmaid dresses are no doubt a huge focus on the wedding ceremony.

That is why it is important to choose the best color for them. Some tips on how to select the finest color are as follows:

  • Consider the location- choose a color that will best compliment the wedding venue.
  • The color of your bridal gown- bridesmaid dresses are supposed to compliment and make the bridal gown pop. You should choose a color that does not clash or conflict with your wedding gown.
  • Skin tones of the bridesmaids- you want to go with a color that best compliments the bridesmaid’s skin tones.

You should avoid colors that wash out their skin tones or makes the bridesmaids look flushed.

  • Consider the season- light and neutral colors are perfect for summer weddings. Bridesmaid dresses with darker colors such as blacks, green, maroons are best for winter or fall weddings.
  • Consult the bridesmaids and your spouse- its best to pick a color that both your partner and bridesmaid approve. You should be considerate and make the decision together.
  • Theme- bridesmaid dresses should always match the theme of the wedding.
  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses- if you are considering mismatched outfit for your bridesmaids, ensure the colors look great and blend well together.

Theme Season And Skin Tone Of The Bridesmaids Are Some Of The Factors To Consider When Selecting Preferred Colour

Theme, Season And Bridesmaid Skin Tone Are Some Factors To Consider When Choosing You Preferred Color

Will Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturer In China Protect My Designs?

Chinese manufacturers should protect your bridesmaid designs.

If you want to be extra careful you can both sign NDAs.

You can also get Chinese law specialists to draft a contract addressing that particular risk especially if you are importing.

You can as well register your designs as your intellectual property.

Is There Recommend Etiquette For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Even though in most cases it is the bride who chooses the bridesmaids dresses, etiquette dictates that the bridesmaids pay for themselves.

That is why it is recommended to discuss the budget in advance and pick something that will favor everyone’s budget.

Is There Recommended Length For Bridesmaid Dresses?

The most common lengths for bridesmaid dresses are mini, midi and maxi. There’s no such thing as recommended length.

Go with the lengths that you love and the one that is best for you and your bridesmaids.

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers Have Ready Made Designs?

Most manufacturers have ready-made bridesmaid dress designs.

This is such a great option if you do not have the time for a custom made order or your own personal designs.

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers Send Samples Before Production Starts?

Whether or not manufacturers send sample before production starts entirely depends with the agreement you have with your manufacture.

It is recommended to request your manufacturer for samples before going ahead with entire production.

This way you can inspect the product and ensure that it meets your expectations before going ahead with the full order.

Will Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers Handle Alterations Upon Request?

Manufacturers do handle bridesmaids alterations but at an additional cost.

Bridesmaid dress alterations cost between 70 and 150$.

This is obviously dependant on what kind of work the dress needs. The most common bridesmaid dress alteration are; shortening, adjusting strap, size adjustment, hemming, etc.

How Much Do Bridesmaid Dresses From China Cost?

Bridesmaid dresses from china cost anything between 150 and 300$. Dress alterations cost between 75 and 150 $. These prices can either be higher or lower.

Why Should You Buy All Bridesmaid Dresses At Once?

The two major reasons why you should buy all bridesmaid dresses at once are:

  • It is cost effective- when you buy in bulk manufacturers can offer you the wholesale price instead of the normal retail price.

This can go a long way in saving you money. If you are buying the bridesmaid dresses for resale, buying in bulk can up your profit margins.

Buying all the bridesmaid at once will also save you a good deal of shipping and delivery fees.

  • It is time saving- ordering bridesmaid dresses one at a time is tedious process and takes much time. Buying them at once is easier and time saving.

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturer Have Product Return Policy?

Majority of manufacturers do not offer return policies. Even if they do they are likely to be less favourable to the shopper.

This is why it is essential to request your manufacturer for samples before mass production starts.

It is important that you have someone inspect the bridesmaid dresses for quality and design precision before they are sent out for shipping.

In addition, you can offer to pay for product guarantee or additional fees so that the manufacturer can provide a return policy.

In such cases the shopper has 30 days to return the bridesmaid dresses to the manufacturer, either for a refund or exchange.

Can You Have Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses?

Of course you can have mismatching bridesmaid dresses.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a great way of letting the bridesmaid be themselves while still supporting you on your big day. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses features dresses with different colours, hemlines, necklines and fabrics.

It is quite challenging to pull of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. If not done well you might end up with a disjointed- looking wedding. Ensure the design, fabric as well as colours are cohesive and complement each other.

 Is it Possible To Have Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

It Is Possible To Have Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Can You Recommend Any Bridesmaid Dresses Choosing Tips?

You want to go for bridesmaid dresses that are beautiful, comfortable, flattering. Above all the bridesmaids have to love them.

I recommend the following tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses:

  • Go mismatched- when in doubt always choose mismatching bridesmaid dresses. Let the bridesmaids select the dresses that best complement their skin tones and features.
  • Consider the theme- no one want a disjointed-looking wedding. Ensure the bridesmaid dresses go with the theme of the venue as well as the bridal gown. This goes a long way in bringing cohesion and harmony to a wedding.
  • Keep colour choices subtle- do not go too crazy with the colours. Bold colours may pop in pictures but you want your bridesmaids to be able to wear their dresses again. Consider subdued hues, black and neutral colours.
  • Keep in mind the season and time of the wedding- this is especially for outdoor weddings. For cold weathers you can couple up the bridesmaid dresses with shawls o cover ups for warmth. For summer weddings go with bridesmaid dresses made out of lightweight materials.
  • Keep the bridesmaid dresses as practical as possible- do not go to crazy with the designs that they become uncomfortable. Ensure the bridesmaids can be able to dance or move freely in the dresses. In short, keep the designs simple elegant and comfortable.
  • Consider the bridesmaids’ budgets- not everyone will be able to afford a 200$ or more bridesmaid dress. Talk it out with the bridesmaids and reach common ground.

How Do You Know Right Size Of Bridesmaid Dresses To Order?

It is best to take the bridesmaids individual measurements. If they are not around for that, you can order for standard sizes.

The bridesmaid can alter them later to fit their body sizes and shapes.

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturer Have Printed Bridesmaid Dresses?

Most manufacturer accept custom orders and designs.

If you want a printed bridesmaid dress, discuss you needs with the manufacturer and see if they can pull it off.

What Does Universally Flattering Styles Bridesmaid Dresses Imply?

Universally flattering bridesmaid dresses simply means that they would look on almost if not all body types.

These styles flatter all body shapes and sizes. The most common universally flattering bridesmaid dress styles are: A line and the floaty skirt.

Can Bridesmaid Dresses Manufacturers In China Offer Expedited Shipping?

Yes indeed, Chinese manufacturers can offer expedited shipping for your bridesmaid dress purchase. Expedited shipping from China takes 3 to 5 business days.

As your bridesmaid dresses manufacturers in China, we offer a perfect solution for all your ladies’ clothes in China – contact us now for inquiries or urgent orders.

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