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If you’re seeking a long-term business partner, then consider H&FourWing company. We are your go-to source wholesale bodycon dresses manufacturer, supplier, and distributor.

  • Over 15 years of manufacturing experience
  • OEM and ODM services are available to support your wholesale business
  • Strong supply chain from materials to accessories
  • Equipped with an automatic production line to ensure the high-quality bodycon dress

Your Leading Bodycon Dress Manufacturer

H&FourWing, a leading bodycon dress supplier is committed to supplying with you a high-quality product. Here in H&FourWing, you can find bodycon dresses in lush velvet and long sleeve bodycon midi dress.

Our company is over 15 years of experience in manufacturing bodycon dresses. These dresses can be worn as special occasion dresses such as formal dresses, homecoming dresses, party dresses, cocktail dresses, graduation dresses, or Quinceanera dresses.

Win more customers with our range of figure-flattering fits bodycon dresses. You can find a wide range of H&FourWing bodycon dresses ranging from party-perfect styles for dancefloor dressing to jersey pieces for the day.

H& Four Wing Bodycon Dress Series

Square Neck Bodycon Dress

Our square neck bodycon dress is made up of lightweight, breathable, anti-pilling, and colorful fabric materials. You can order a square neck bodycon dress with low MOQ from 300 pieces.

Corset Design Bodycon

It is made up of comfortable, soft, and high-quality fabric. Our corset design bodycon dress can be casual or fashion style. You can also customize your corset design bodycon dress to your specifications.

A-line Bodycon Dress

H&FourWing is a leading manufacturer of A-line bodycon dresses in China. All of our A-line bodycon dresses are available in different sizes, colors, and styles.

One Shoulder Long Sleeve Beading Bodycon Dress

H&Fourwing offers OEM and ODM services for size, logo tag, color, screen printing/embroidered, as well as custom heat transfer.

African Print Kente Ankara Style Bodycon Dress

Our African print style bodycon dress comes with a unique design. It can be crew neck, short sleeves, bodycon dresses, knee-length, or elastic waist.

Wholesale Elegant Bodycon Dress

We offer different colors of a wholesale elegant bodycon dress. Our OEM and ODM services can help you skyrocket your own brand and logo.

Custom Bodycon Dress Rocket Your Business

We have been providing one-stop custom bodycon dress manufacturing, design, and shipping. H&FourWing bodycon dresses are being supplied to global dress brands, suppliers, distributors, organizations, companies, and wholesalers at competitive factory-direct prices.

Our team can help you design, manufacture, and develop custom bodycon dresses bulk you need from start to finish. H&FourWing can be your reliable bodycon dress supplier since we can personalize bodycon dresses according to your brand name or custom logo.

To support your business necessities, each month, H&FourWing can develop over 100 new and latest designs of a bodycon dress. And for you to know, we have a professional design team to work with your bodycon dress manufacturing needs.

Custom Bodycon Dress Rocket Your Business
Your Professional One-Stop Bodycon Dress Solution

Your Professional One-Stop Bodycon Dress Solution

H&FourWing has been focused on high-end women’s clothing manufacturing and design. To complete your needs for your business, H&FourWing offers a lot of women’s clothing including maxi dresses, women’s wear, nightgown, ladies’ suit, ladies’ garments, bridesmaid dresses, and many more.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, new or established company that needs reliable quality bodycon dresses, H&FourWing can be your reliable source.

H&FourWing is indeed your professional one-stop bodycon dress manufacturing solution. Send us your specific requirements now and let the bodycon dress manufacturer will do the rest for you!

Premier Custom Bodycon Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is an expert bodycon dress supplier and manufacturer in Ningbo China for 15 years. We can offer OEM and ODM services to support your brand. H&FourWing, a leading bodycon dress supplier in China gained an excellent reputation with retail brands and wholesale private label bodycon dress clients. Custom and standard bodycon dresses are what you can encounter in H&FourWing.

Premier Custom Bodycon Dresses Manufacturer

Your Premier Bodycon Dress Supplier in China

We have a wide range of elegant bodycon dresses that your customers may need. Find outstanding design and elegant bodycon dresses from us. Make H&FourWing be your no.1 choice of bodycon dress supplier and manufacturer in China.

Being one of the top bodycon dress suppliers in China, H&FourWing offers flexible MOQ from 300 pieces per style and color. H&FourWing is one of the best Chinese bodycon dress suppliers and manufacturers for more than 15 years.

Our company will provide you with full package service from in-house designers, fabric sourcing, bulk manufacturing, sample making, pattern making, and shipping.

Our company offers thousands of different designs for bodycon dresses from our factory. Just ask for design assistance from our professional designer team. And if you can’t find the right dresses from our design, don’t worry about that. Our professional R&D team can customize your bodycon dresses according to your details.

Bodycon Dress Supplier: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide explores everything you are looking for about Bodycon dress supplies.

It also explores every element Bodycon dresses.

So, read this guide to learn more.

What Is The Advantage Of Buying From A Chinese Bodycon Dress Supplier?

Bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses

The advantages of buying Bodycon dresses from a Chinese supplier are:

Prices Are Affordable

Chinese women clothing manufacturers are some of the most cost-efficient in today’s market. These suppliers offer a host of products at significantly reduced prices. That is because most things in China are available at a low cost; cheap labor, low cost of living and low energy costs.

Also, the favorable government policies in china allow us to offer products at incredibly lower prices than anywhere else in the world.

Increased Profit Margins

The women’s clothing business is price-driven. As such, you have to get your products as cheaply as possible, which is what buying from a Chinese ladies dresses manufacturer or supplier means. You can easily sell Chinese Bodycon dresses at a low price and still make a good profit.

Furthermore, the cheap prices offered by these suppliers can be incredibly beneficial in reducing your import costs. Thus, it increases your overall profit margin.

Variety Of Unique Products

Chinese suppliers can help you increase sales and grow your business for the long term. That is, by supplying you with various products that make your business highly competitive in your home markets.

The Bodycon dresses that you can buy from a Chinese supplier are fashionably designed and made to a high-quality standard.

Quality Service

Clothing suppliers in China are often eager for foreign importers. Thus, they will often work to impress you to gain your business.

This includes ensuring quality production, offering advice during product development and production, allowing total creative control, faster turnarounds, etc.

What Types Of Fabrics Are Used In Making Bodycon Dresses?

Bodycon dresses are one-piece figure-hugging outfits that fit closely to the body. They are made of different types of materials such as:


Spandex offers exceptional flexibility, stretch, and a glove-like fit. It creates durable, strong, and sexy Bodycon dresses that will flatter any body type.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that can be woven into most fabrics to lower the material cost for your Bodycon dresses. It is easy to care for and takes color well. Also, polyester fabrics are durable and never fade.


Lycra is one of the most popular2-way stretch fabrics used to make Bodycon dresses. It is stretchier than most dress fabrics and has excellent recovery, allowing them to retain their shape.


Cotton is an inexpensive fabric. It is highly breathable, flame-resistant, soft, and easy to sew, and drapes quite well. Also, cotton can be machine washed and does not lose its shape easily. These qualities make it one of the most popular fabrics for Bodycon dresses.


Silk is a soft and luscious natural fibre used in making ladies Bodycon dresses. Genuine silk dresses have the most elegant sheen and beautiful drape.

Of course, silk Bodycon dresses also have the heftiest price tag. It isn’t unusual for them to run double or even triple the regular ladies dress prices.

So when buying your Bodycon dresses, you will want to be careful to balance the beauty of the product with the spending capability of your target market.


Nylon is the synthetic alternative to silk. It is sturdier, less costly, and is easy to care for.


Rayon fabric is quite similar to silk but much more affordable. It is lightweight, soft, and smooth, allowing it to drape nicely on the body.

These are the most popular Bodycon dress fabrics available in the Chinese market.

You can also choose blended fabric options like silk and polyester or cotton and Lycra. The Bodycon dress fabric blends can vary greatly.

But the more worthy ones use quality combinations with some weight and lining.

What Styles And Variations Of Bodycon Dresses Can I Import From China?

Bodycon dresses are available in a wide range of styles and variations. Most of these dresses are worn during casual occasions. However, they can also be worn during various formal occasions when correctly and creatively accessorized.

The different types of Bodycon dress you can import from China mainly vary in length: mini, midi, and maxi length Bodycon dresses.

  • Mini Bodycon dress: this dress sits above the knee; it can be upper thigh, mid-thigh, or slightly above the knee-high. The length and style of these dresses allow the wearer to show their legs and curves in a sultry way.
  • Midi Bodycon dress: the hem of this dress hits mid-calf. However, it can also reach anywhere below the knee and above the ankles.
  • Maxi Bodycon dress: maxi dresses hem sit anywhere from the ankle to the floor.

They are the perfect product for customers who want a figure-flattering dress to hide any trouble spots.

Please note that irrespective of the length, Bodycon dresses are available in a range of styles fit for different purposes: sleeveless, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, off-shoulder, lace-up, tube, halter-neck, vibrant colors and patterns, you name it.

What Are The Various Fabric Requirements And Certifications For Bodycon Dresses From China?

When choosing Bodycon dress fabric, it is essential to consider the quality, drape, sewability, and general feel of the material.

Specifically, you’ll need to consider the fabric’s color, existing patterns, fiber composition, and fabric weight.

  • The target market often determines fabric quality. In this case, you’ll want to check what your competitors are offering and get something similar or better for your products.

Also, ensure that the fabric you choose for your Bodycon dresses is free of imperfections.

Loose fibers, lines, and weird dye spots can become exacerbated when sewn together.

These issues may compromise the quality of the product.

  • Drape is essential to a properly fitting Bodycon dress. Get a fabric that looks good on the body.
  • Sewability refers to how fabric behaves when sewing. A good fabric should hold well during sewing and not clump together.
  • Regarding fabric weight, there are light, medium weight, and heavy fabrics. Bodycon dresses generally work well with medium-weight fabrics.

If you’re buying dresses for winter, heavy fabrics like wool and heavy cotton might be an option.

  • The fabric composition of the Bodycon dresses you want to buy is essential.

As earlier mentioned, Bodycon dress fabrics can be mixed to form different combinations according to your demands.

You can choose various blends such as polyester and spandex, cotton and Lycra, nylon and cotton, etc.

  • Bodycon dress fabric colors are available in various options. You can choose these based on the color pallet provided by the supplier. Or, you can order custom-dyed fabric based on your requirements.

Chinese suppliers base their fabric color selection on the Pantone system.

Customers are supposed to choose their preferable Pantone color code and send it to the supplier as is.

Keep in mind that Chinese Bodycon dress suppliers have order minimums for some Pantone colors.

Summarily, a garment fabric can make a big difference in how the final product looks and feels. So be patient and trust the process when it comes to choosing Bodycon dress fabric.

While doing this, remember to look at the material test reports and certifications such as REACH, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, EcoCert, etc.

These confirm the safety of the fabrics and that they are free from harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Do I Need Copyrights, Trademarks, Or NDA's When Buying Bodycon Dresses From A China Supplier?


These will help protect your brand name and custom designs from infringement.

Copyrights and trademarks are especially important to large companies buying major volumes consistently from Bodycon dress suppliers.

Non-disclosure agreements do the job of protecting brand privacy and creative, hard work when sourcing Bodycon dresses from China.

They are beneficial for startups and small businesses.

Can I Include My Brand Name Or Logo In Bodycon Dresses I Buy From A Supplier In China?

Branded clothing

 Branded clothing

Yes and H&Fourwing can help you with that.

H&Fourwing is a renowned ladies garments manufacturer and supplier.

We provide exclusive services, including private label OEM and ODM services.

These allow our customers to enjoy quality customization and processing services such as label customization, logo, and pattern printing.

If you want white label Bodycon dresses, let us know your brand name and customization requirements.

We will ensure to deliver quality branded clothes that meet your business demands.

What Is The Difference Between Wholesale/Private Label Vs. Custom' Cut And Sew' Bodycon Supply In China?

Private label supply refers to a service where we produce Bodycon dresses with your brand name and features from the onset.

The product is not that unique except for the branded tags and labels.

On the other hand, custom ‘cut and sew’ involves customizing an entire product from concept to finish.

By choosing custom cut and sew, you control the fabric choice, sewing pattern, and decorations.

This supply service allows for more creativity, ensuring that you get a truly unique product for your brand and customers.

What Is The Cost Of Buying Bodycon Dresses From China?

Chinese Bodycon dress prices vary depending on the materials used, color, and the number of units you want to buy.

For example, an off-shoulder Bodycon dress could cost a dollar as well as ten dollars depending on the fabric and color.

Also, the import costs, including shipping and customs clearance, will impact the overall cost of a dress you buy from China.

Eventually, you’ll have to consider all these costs when setting the prices for your Bodycon dresses.

Do Bodycon Supplier Prices Include Shipping, Custom Duties, And Taxes?

It depends on the sales contract. If it indicates that we cover shipping and customs clearance, then yes, the unit price will be all-inclusive.

However, if you’re buying under FOB or CIF terms, we will only provide a suitable logistics solution.

In this case, you’ll cover the shipping costs and customs duties incurred when shipping the order to your destination.

Do note that we do our best to complete your order and deliver it within the agreed timeframe. However, we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by import clearance at the destination.

Do Bodycon Dress Suppliers Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts depending on the actual volume of dresses you’re buying and if it is a repeat order.

How Are Graphics And Images Applied On Bodycon Dresses?

 Printed body con dress

Printed Bodycon dress

There are a lot of customization techniques that we use to apply graphics, patterns, and images on Bodycon dresses.

These include:

  • Sublimation printing
  • Screen-printing
  • Heat transfer technology
  • Direct to garment printing
  • Embroidery
  • Tackle twill

The choice of technique often depends on the fabric, the number of garments you want to customize, and the planned budget.

Do Bodycon Dress Suppliers Have Minimum Order Requirements?

Yes. But some Chinese Bodycon dress suppliers have strict MOQ limits that discourage many small and medium-sized clients.

At H&Fourwing, we have flexible MOQ to cater to the needs of both big and small volume customers. Our standard MOQ is 300 pieces per color/style.

Still, we can also do 100 pieces per color/style, depending on fabric availability.

For small quantity production, our MOQ is 30 pieces per color and style.

Note that the MOQ influences the overall price per unit of product. That is, the more your wholesale quantity, the lower the unit price.

Similarly, the unit price will increase with a decrease in the wholesale quantity.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Bodycon Dress Supplier For My Brand?

When sourcing a Bodycon dress supplier from China, it may take a couple of tries to get the right partner.

The best way to vet a supplier is by doing due diligence and then ordering a small test batch.

After one or two transactions, you should be able to tell if the supplier is a good fit for your brand or not.

Factors to take into consideration while doing this include:

  • correctness of product information
  • response time and politeness in communication
  • product pricing
  • sampling
  • flexibility
  • proposed logistics solution
  • Clarity of payment terms.
Can I Request Samples From A Bodycon Dress Supplier?


You can get samples of the Bodycon dress you like, 1 or 30 units. If getting one factory sample, you pay for shipping only.

For custom samples, you’ll pay about $50, having met the minimum order requirements for custom sample development.

Once you have evaluated the design, quality, size, and fit, you can go ahead and place a bulk order.

Are Bodycon Dresses From China High Quality?

 Dresses quality inspection

 Dresses quality inspection

Yes, if you get them trusted ladies garments manufacturers and suppliers like H&Fourwing.

At H&Fourwing, we have worked with many big brands from Europe, America, and other parts of the world.

Thus, the quality of our products is vetted and backed by positive reviews from customers. Our response and turnaround time are noted.

Also, you can always raise a dispute if you are not satisfied with any of our services.

So you don’t need to worry when sourcing Bodycon dresses from us.

How Do I Buy Wholesale Clothing From A Chinese Bodycon Supplier?

Buying Bodycon dresses from a Chinese supplier typically follows these steps:

  • Identify a reputable Bodycon dress supplier
  • Decide on the exact product you want to buy along with specifications, i.e., lace-up Bodycon dresses, cotton-spandex blend, S/M/L/XL, solid red and black, halter neck, and sleeveless.
  • Contact the Bodycon dress supplier and request samples. You can request one piece of the dress in each color and all four sizes.
  • If satisfied with the samples, request a quote based on the volume you want to order. Then, discuss the shipping and payment terms.
  • After receiving the quote, go ahead and place an order for dresses and arrange to receive the goods at your destination port.
Do China Bodycon Dress Suppliers Offer Rush Orders?


All you need to do is convey your order requirements, including a specification that the order needs to be rushed.

If you first place an order and then request it to be rushed, there is little chance to honor the request. It is because our production schedule is always booked.

Therefore, we have to clear up space early enough to ensure timely production of any rushed orders.

While placing a rush order, keep in mind that a non-negotiable surcharge will apply.

Also, some orders, especially those with intricate designs and customization requirements, cannot be rushed.

What is The Typical Return Policy Of Bodycon Dress Suppliers In China?

As a professional and reputable ladies garments manufacturer and supplier, we provide a quality guarantee for all our products.

We have a dedicated quality assurance team that ensures all products made in our factory are free from any manufacturing defects.

But in the unlikely event that your order has quality issues, we expect a return within 30 days of receiving the order.

The garments must be in mint condition with all tags and labels to qualify for a return. The dresses must not be worn, damaged, or marked in any way.

Basically, the order must be returned to us in the condition that you received them, with no signs of wear or tear.

Is There A Difference Between Bodycon Dress Supplier And Bodycon Dress Manufacturer?

A Bodycon dress manufacturer makes the product, whereas the supplier sells it to the customers.

Typically, a manufacturer owns a factory or a production facility and makes the product.

A supplier may also be a manufacturer or not.

But in some cases, a Bodycon dress supplier may outsource production to other producers and then resell the finished product to a customer.

For all your Bodycon dresses from China, contact us now.

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