2601, 2021

The meaning of colors in Chinese culture

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All the peoples of the world have their superstitions . In the case of China it could not be different: the question of sounds, and if two words have the same sound, and one of them is a 'bad omen' according to the Chinese, the other word fell out of favor! The number four and the word death are examples of the famous; the buildings do not have the fourth floor , telephones with the number four are cheaper, the fourth doesn’t get married and so on. But in today's text, we will explore the meaning of colors for Chinese culture .   The meaning of colors in Chinese culture In the West, we also attribute 'powers' to colors, but what is intriguing about them is that the meanings [...]

2601, 2021


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5 PEAR-SHAPED BODY PARTS THAT ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT   Do you know how to identify your body type? For many Brazilians, the answer would be pear, one of the most curvaceous. Knowing how to value the pear shape body does not depend on the height or weight of the woman, but on how to balance the silhouette and highlight its strengths.  The female pear body - also known as a triangle - has a greater emphasis on the hip. The underside is wider than the shoulder line, so it looks like a triangle.  Knowing how to identify your body type brings greater self-knowledge and control for the woman over the image she wants to convey. Thus, she can choose clothes that enhance her strengths and bring more [...]

2101, 2021

On Ethnic Miao Embroidery

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The present Ethnic Miao Embroidery in front of you, holds several historical records. First and foremost it is the first charity project of the co-founder of Tencent Corp PLC Mr. Charles Chen and his personal Charity Foundation based on his personal wealth after IPO. It is also the first cultural project reviewed, selected, recommended and implemented by the Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation, Guizhou for preserving the non-material cultural heritage of Ethnic Minorities in West China. The story about the book from Guizhou Plateau to coastal Shenzhen is told in the Epilogue of the book and there is no need to repeat here. We cam e to know the two authors of the book, Ms Zeng Li and her father [...]

1401, 2021

How to create your own clothing brand? Check out 5 tips and care

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Creating clothing brand is an important step for a company, bringing more visibility and competitive differential. However, the brand creation process does not consist of a task considered to be very simple. To achieve the desired success, a lot of research is needed. After all, it is necessary to define the target audience, design and differential of the pieces, identity and purpose of the brand and make the market analysis, among countless other factors. Only by following these steps can you build a strong brand and remain in the market. And to help in this mission, we wrote this article with 5 fundamental tips for those who want to create their own clothing brand. Check out! 1. Choose reliable suppliers Choosing good suppliers of raw [...]

1301, 2021


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5 INSPIRATIONS OF LOOKS WITH LONG SKIRT Have you thought about how many amazing combinations you can make with a long skirt? Very democratic, this piece can be used regardless of your style and the temperature of the day. Interesting, isn't it? We selected some tips and inspirations for you to rock with this piece. Check it out and enjoy all the versatility it offers! 1. Long skirt with a similar tone blouse The long skirt of more romantic style speaks very well with different types of blouse . Regardless of the combination, the piece is very elegant and can even serve for more formal situations. If you want, you can choose to mix tones. For example: your skirt may be a light color, while the top [...]