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  • Focus on the middle to high-end women’s clothing supplier
  • Professional lady’s beachwear dresses manufacturing
  • Full (100% )inspection production before shipment
  • Excellent service-never leaving things to tomorrow
  • High-speed delivery date from 3-4 weeks
  • Small quantity MOQ in 300pcs/style/color with reasonable price
Cotton Linnen Placement A-line Backless Beachwear Dress
Cotton Linnen Placement A-line Backless Beachwear Dress
Light Viscose Stripe Print A-Line Beachwear Dress
Light Viscose Stripe Print A-Line Beachwear Dress
Light Viscose Stripe Print Beachwear Maxi Dress
Light Viscose Stripe Print Beachwear Maxi Dress
long Sleeves Cotton Crochet Lace Beachwear Dress
Long Sleeves Cotton Crochet Lace Beachwear Dress
Viscose Placement All Over Print Beachwear Dress
Viscose Placement All Over Print Beachwear Dress
Viscose Stripe Print Middle Sleeves Beachwear Dress
Viscose Stripe Print Middle Sleeves Beachwear Dress

Premier Custom Ladies Dresses Manufacturer

H&FourWing is a professional ladies dress manufacturer, we not only work with retail brands ladies dresses clients, but also with wholesale private label ladies dresses customers, we have a fabric sourcing team, and a style & print designer team to work together with our clients. We are an OEM lady’s dress supplier we also can be your ODM lady’s dress supplier in China. Custom-made lady’s dresses are our advantage.

H&Fourwing: Your Leading Dresses Supplier in China

When we talk about beachwear, we always think about the sexy bikini.

But we are the beachwear supplier who makes the style that ladies wear outside the bikini to walk around the beach like beachwear dresses, skirts, caftans, and pants and we will use nature fabric bases to make our ladies beachwear dresses like cotton, linen, viscose in solid color, print and embroidery fabric, and the styles are looser comfortable patterns.

But colorful printing fabric is more popular for beachwear dress styles, we can do both screen and digital print.

And we have a great digital print mill to cooperate with small quantity printing style.

Fabric weight is light easy dry quality.

Our design team will consider all these concepts into the new development for beachwear collection, can be said to be a fashion women clothing special in beachwear dress manufacturer.

We will offer our clients more flexibility for our service and best possibility of our beachwear dress productions.

If you are looking for a wonderful ladies beachwear dresses manufacturer, we will be your first choice in China. we do 100% inspection for our production from in-line to off-line inspection.

And our QC manager is from SGS. We have a very strict quality control system that all our factory worker will be followed seriously.

If you are a beachwear brand, we are here to be your professional beachwear manufacturer.

If you are in your beachwear wholesale business, and if you want to do your custom style or looking for a term who can help you to make the design for selection.

We will be your best beachwear suppliers in China.

Beachwear Dress Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for a beachwear dress manufacturer you can trust from China.

A reason this guide will explore everything you need to know before contacting any beachwear dress manufacturer in China.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is The Advantage Of Working With A Beachwear Dress Manufacturer From China?

When it comes to beachwear dress manufacturing, China consistently ranks at the top for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Low cost: In China, labor is readily available at unbelievably low rates, cutting down the cost of production altogether.It is safe to say that the Chinese labor market is at least 3-times cheaper than other parts of the world. This makes it the least expensive country to produce your retail and private label beachwear dresses.
  • Production in minimum time: the cheap labor cost in China allows beachwear dress manufacturers to actualize more meaningful work to assist in MOQ. This helps to bring down production lead times.Besides, China clothing manufacturers usually produce items on a similar line which also reduces production time significantly.
  • Quality production: China-based clothing manufacturers are time-tested, having scaled their manufacturing capabilities beyond every known possibility.
  • Service to small quantity brands: Many overseas manufacturers such as the US and EU prefer to work with established brands with large volume production needs.But in reality, not every client has the budget for such large MOQs, making it harder for SMEs to get attention from such manufacturers.Chinese beachwear dress manufacturers, on the other hand, are often willing to work with small and medium sizes businesses as long as order requirements are met.
  • Infrastructural advantages: China has some of the largest and well-developed airports and seaports. These are equipped with modern and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, allowing a seamless shipping process from China.

What Is The Difference Between CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) And FPP (Full Production Package) Beachwear Dress Manufacturing?

CMT is a garment production process that includes cutting, trimming, and sewing fabric pieces into a complete garment.

If you’d like the CMT manufacturing service for your beachwear clothing brand, you need to have the following things ready: a well-curated tech-pack, garment spec sheet, fabric, trims, patterns, constructing requirements, and sewing guidelines.

The advantage of CMT manufacturing is that it ensures top-quality production. Manufacturers don’t have to spend time and resources on things like design development and pattern making. Thus, they can focus all their attention on producing your garments in the best quality possible.

Also, CMT production gives you total control over the process, including fabric selection, labels, and trims, saving you lots of time and money.

On the other hand, FPP is a full production package where the manufacturer has complete control over the product development process.

They oversee the fabric selection process as well as the trimming, pattern making, and sewing processes. FPP includes both CMT and other aspects of beachwear dress manufacturing.

CMT is best suited for established brands with experience in the garment manufacturing process. In contrast, FPP is best recommended for brands that are just getting started. In this case, the factory provides all the help needed for new clients to establish and build their brand.

What Is The Best Fabric Type For Beachwear Dress?

Beachwear dresses are designed to be sewn with soft and lightweight fabrics.

Cotton, viscose, linen, silk georgette, charmeuse, and gauze fabrics are popularly used for these dresses. Besides being cheap and readily available, these fabrics are light, breathable, and comfortable making them perfect for beachwear.

Do Beachwear Dress Manufacturers Offer Organic And Recycled Fabrics?

Linen beach dress

Linen beach dress


Sustainable garment manufacturing is important to many beachwear dress manufacturers in China.

At H&Fourwing, we offer various organic and recycled fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo fibers, and recycled gauze and linen.

We source all our sustainable fabrics from certified textile suppliers. We also perform quality checks on the materials before using them in production.

So, if your customers are increasingly interested in organic clothing options, then don’t worry. Give us a call! We will be happy to help you meet their demands and expectations.

What Is The Difference Between White Label And Private Label Service In Beachwear Dress Manufacturing?

White label beachwear dresses are generic products sold to multiple brands, while private label dresses are exclusive to one brand.

For white label dresses, the manufacturer specifies the details of the dress, including fabric, trims, colors, prints, etc. However, in private label manufacturing, it is the client that provides the specifications for beachwear dresses.

What Is The Benefit Of White Label Beachwear Dress Manufacturing?

White labeling is the best option if you are a startup brand with no product design in hand.

You don’t need to worry about design concepts and product development. The initial investment is also low compared to private label services.

With white-label service, all you need is a brand demand and initial capita. The manufacturer covers all other aspects of production. Since the manufacturing process is shorter and straightforward, white labeling allows you to get to the market faster.

Can I Add My Brand To An Existing Beachwear Dress?

You can use white label and private label services synonymously. But then, the exclusivity in private label designs is limited to a specific product and market.

So it can be difficult to add your brand to an existing design unless if you’re a valued customer to the manufacturer.

At H&Fourwing, we can always arrange a legally binding exclusivity for you. Just email us your request, and we will reply to you within 24hrs with details on how to proceed.

Do I Need To Know About The Beachwear Dress Manufacturing Process To Get Started?

Fashion sketches

Fashion sketches


A beachwear dress manufacturer handles the technical aspects of the garment manufacturing process. So you don’t need to know much about it.

All you need to do is to provide them with basic sketches or a design file for the product.

The design and engineering experts will then guide you through the necessary steps to make custom beachwear dresses.

From implementing the design concept to trimming, pattern making to creating samples, and finally, the finished beachwear dresses.

The manufacturer mostly does everything.

What Is The Custom Beachwear Dress Design Process?

Custom beachwear dress design happens in four simple steps.

  1. The design process starts with a 2D mockup which helps determine the technical aspects of the dress.
  2. Next is the product specification stage, which translates and breaks down the mock design into practical features. The product specs, note, will define the functionality of the dress. They include measurements, material, sewing detail, print, and colors.
  3. Here, you determine and evaluate the material sewing guidelines needed for your beachwear dress product.
    You will need to create a tech pack to give to the manufacturer when committing your order.  It will communicate all your requirements and expectations for the product to the manufacturer.
  4. Lastly, the final design is reviewed to ensure everything is perfect before patterns and custom samples are made.

Is It Expensive To Get Expert Services In Beachwear Dress Design For Manufacturing?

No, expert design services don’t have to be expensive.

H&Fourwing offers the most affordable creative design services, depending on the style you’re looking for.

Unlike most manufacturers and product design companies, we offer structured and streamlined women’s clothing design solutions.

We also have an in-house design team comprising skilled individuals with many years of expertise in the industry. This allows us to offer specialized creative services at affordable prices.

How Does A China Beachwear Dress Manufacturer Assure That No One Will Steal My Design Idea?

The Chinese value Guanxi, which is associated with high levels of personal trust and business performance. This means that you can trust a China beachwear dress manufacturer with your product design protection.

Furthermore, they sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement to guarantee the safety of your exclusive designs and product ideas.

What Are The Tips For Creating A Beachwear Dress Manufacturing Agreement?

Manufacturing agreement

Manufacturing agreement

A manufacturing agreement helps prevent any potential problems such as design theft, quality issues, delayed shipments, etc.

These great tips can help you come up with an effective agreement for your beachwear manufacturing project.

  • Communicate your needs. Be it quantities, timelines, fabric choice, color, and print specifications; your agreement should explain these requirements in clear, simple language.
  • Be strict with quality. To avoid too many mistakes and quality issues, it’s best to set out your quality requirements from the start.
    Don’t forget to include acceptable tolerances and consequences for the manufacturer if they fail to meet the quality requirements in your agreement.
  • Include fabric specifications in the agreement. This will prevent the manufacturer from using poor-quality materials in your project.
  • Have a section on the payment agreement. When sourcing products from China manufacturers, it is always good to tie payment to quality and delivery.
    Explain how you will pay for the order/service if invoiced. Include any penalties you’ll pay for late payment and penalties for the manufacturer if they deliver late.
  • Set some acceptable/non-acceptable working conditions. Customers are not very lenient with brands working with manufacturers that treat their workers poorly. So look into local regulations on working conditions and include that in the agreement.

How Many Designs Do I Need To Start A Beachwear Line?

A new clothing line may need more than one design to get your brand the recognition it needs.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to consider your budget in this scenario. A new line may require around 30 designs. But this might be cost-intensive as you need to consider your size ranges and the number of colorways in each design.

A condensed beachwear dress line may be a good place to start if you’re launching your designs only. A larger range done half-assed may put you in a financial mess and may also be difficult to market and sell.

What Is A Garment Spec Sheet, And How Do I Add One In A Beachwear Dress Tech-Pack?

Sample agreement spec sheet

Sample garment spec sheet

A specification sheet is a technical document used to communicate your design concept to the manufacturer.

This document usually shows all the construction details of the garment. It includes a technical drawing or sketch of the garment and all the measurements, stitch details, and any additional specifications.

You can create a garment spec sheet using a downloadable template or tech-pack software. Add all the necessary details and save the file in the acceptable format (preferably PDF).

You can then send the spec sheet to the manufacturer along with the tech-pack for actualization.

What Are Some Ideas For Choosing Beachwear Dress Colors?

The primary considerations for choosing beachwear dress colors are the target market and current fashion trends.

Neutral shades like white and beige are pretty popular in beachwear dresses.

You can also opt for happier, summery colors. Yellow, maritime blue, orange, and pink tend to sell better for beachwear. They also add a bright, happy vibe to a look.

Pastel shades are also an excellent option for beachwear dresses.

The patchwork trend is also in demand for beachwear dresses. Yes, the patches common on denim can also work for beachwear dresses. Customers find patches like strawberries, popsicles, sunglasses, and pineapples to be so much fun on beachwear dresses.

Another rage for beachwear dresses is prints. They will give you a competitive edge and drive up your sales.

When opting for prints, mix up the good old stripes with beach icons like corals, sunsets, and palm islands. Minimal prints are also a good idea for beach dresses. Starfish, palm trees, and turtles make for great minimal print ideas for beachwear dresses.

Ombre beach dresses can also be a great addition to your beachwear dress line.

What Types Of Printing Methods Does China Beachwear Dress Manufacturer Offer?

China beachwear dress manufacturers can produce exceptional print quality through:

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Dye sublimation
  • Direct to garment printing
  • Heat transfer
  • Pigment printing

Other printing methods, such as flocking, discharge, etc., are also available. The printing method to use for beachwear dresses will depend on your order specifications. So remember to send your factory-ready tech-pack to the manufacturer so they can advise on the best technique to use for your product.

What Is Pattern Making In Beachwear Dress Manufacturing?

Pattern making

Pattern making

Pattern making, in this case, is creating a replica of the dress to be made.

It acts as a blueprint in the manufacturing process. Beachwear dress manufacturers use garment patterns as templates to cutting garment fabrics according to the sewing specifications.

The fabric to be used, intended fit, and trims are often considered in the pattern-making process.

Why Do Dress Manufacturers In China Set Minimum Order Quantities?

China dress manufacturers primarily set MOQs so they can get a return on investment. They are not so stringent with regular clients who repeatedly order like they are with new clients.

Most new clients come with new product designs and ideas. Manufacturing them blindly without establishing minimum orders can be financially unwise.

Firstly, there is no guarantee for progress and development later on. So manufacturers become reluctant to put out money for the overage of material. As a result, they will ask for a deposit to cover part of this cost.

When production is complete, they will keep the excess material until there is a re-order which is often a gamble. And if there is, they use the remaining fabric and then credit the cost against the current price of finished goods.

So in light of all this, it is best to work with a beachwear dress manufacturer that you can upscale with. This way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a new manufacturer for your mass production.

It also minimizes the underlying struggles you’ll have to face during beachwear dress production.

How Do China Beachwear Dress Manufacturers Ensure Quality Of Products?

The majority of China beachwear dress manufacturers have established quality assurance and control systems. These systems aim to minimize defect rates and increase overall manufacturing quality.

At H&Fourwing, we take care of your product and production line to ensure the best quality.

Our in-house quality team closely monitors the procurement of materials and the production process. This helps us detect problems and resolve them early in the production process. Thus, it reduces the number of defects and delays in the long run.

More importantly, we have implemented good manufacturing practices (GMP) and only use quality control as an additional safety mechanism.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Beachwear Clothing Line?

Several factors influence the cost of starting a beachwear clothing line. These include the location of manufacturing, size of the business, and target market.

With that said, the startup cost for the beachwear clothing line is made up of several expenses.

There is the manufacturing cost which will depend on the number of dresses you’re starting with. Producing 30 pieces may cost more than producing 100 pieces of the same dress design. This is because manufacturers tend to charge lesser for larger orders and more for small quantities.

Secondly, there is the delivery cost. You will have to account for the cost of shipping the dresses from the manufacturer in China to your location. Some manufacturers may offer free logistic solutions if you’re lucky.

For purposes of brand exposure, you will have to do a bit of marketing and advertising. You might end up spending USD 1000 or more on marketing alone. The cost may be lower depending on the size of your brand and target market.

Other costs that will factor into your initial investment are warehousing and storage, licensing, distribution, insurance, product launching, and overheads.

If you intend to start your beachwear dress line, you would need an estimate of $10,000 to $1000000, depending on the scale and location of the business.

How Do China Beachwear Manufacturers Support Businesses With Low Quantities?

Sewing line

Sewing line

Specifically, H&Fourwing is designed to cater to both small quantity and large quantity orders. Whether you’re a small business, startup, or newcomer, we have a ladies’ dresses package to suit your small quantity needs.

In general, we can accommodate order sizes as low as 300pieces/style/color with reasonable pricing. We understand the needs of small businesses or startups regarding low quantities.

Our designers and manufacturing team will work with you for any quantity. This is until you can scale your business and start making repeat orders in bulk.

How Long Are China Beachwear Dress Manufacturers’ Lead Times?

Manufacturing lead times vary depending on the number of clients ahead of you, order size, and season.

For example, if you’re producing during the lunar New Year, lead times tend to be longer because factory workers go on extended holidays. Many factories also shut down until the New Year celebrations are over.

Therefore, until you commit to your order, it is hard to give a definite time for delivery.

You can contact us today as your trusted beachwear dress manufacturer.

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