Have you thought about how many amazing combinations you can make with a long skirt? 

Very democratic, this piece can be used regardless of your style and the temperature of the day. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

We selected some tips and inspirations for you to rock with this piece. 

Check it out and enjoy all the versatility it offers!

1. Long skirt with a similar tone blouse
The long skirt of more romantic style speaks very well with different types of blouse.
Regardless of the combination, the piece is very elegant and can even serve for more formal situations.
If you want, you can choose to mix tones. 

For example: your skirt may be a light color, while the top piece is a darker shade – or vice versa – to contrast.


2. Little black dress

Do you know that idea that the little black dress cannot be missing from the wardrobe? 

It also goes for the long skirt. 

With this piece, it is possible to make different types of looks, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, depending on the blouse, shoes, and the rest of the composition.

If you want to get out of the ordinary, a tip is to invest in models with ruffles or a different cuts. 

Thus, you will still have a basic piece, while showing your personality.

Little black dress

3. Pleated

The pleated skirt is very interesting, as the fabric ensures lightness and movement. 

In addition to comfort, the piece is also beautiful and can be used in several ways.

You can, for example, combine this skirt with a knotted blouse in the front or some strap. 

Regardless of the choice, the look will look fantastic!


4. Slit skirt

The use of the slit makes the model more daring and modern. 

Like the pleated, this piece gains more movement and comfort for walking.

From day to day, this skirt makes the look more stripped, without losing its elegance. 

But, if the idea is to use it at a party or informal event, you can combine it with a shoulder-to-shoulder top or blouse.

Slit skirt

5. Midi skirt

The midi skirt can be very casual or sophisticated. 

For a more informal look, the piece combines with more basic t-shirts and blouses.

However, it is also possible to make the look more elegant by choosing a lace blouse or shirt.

Midi skirt

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